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Weight Watchers Coupons

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Weight Watchers Today

Today, Weight Watchers is an enormous weight loss focused conglomerate, with an international presence. Publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (WTW), Weight Watchers has been offering different diet programs, products and services to help men and women lose weight and keep it off since it was founded by a homemaker, Jean Nidetch, in 1963.

Nidetch, who lived in Queens, New York, invited friends to her home each week to discuss how to best lose weight. In 1978, Weight Watchers was sold to the H.J. Heinz Company.

The H.J. Heinz Company, which is best known for its slogan, "57 varieties," and its ketchup, lost the Weight Watchers brand during a leveraged buyout by Artal Luxembourg in 1999, at which time Weight Watchers became a publicly traded company.

Artal Luxembourg continues to own more than 50% of Weight Wachers, while the H.J. Heinz Company continues to enjoy the lucrative licensing agreement to produce packaged foods with the Weight Wachers logo and trademark Points information.

Product Offerings

Weight Watchers, today, provides its members with formulas through which to determine what to eat every day. Their philosophy is to allow individuals to choose what they eat every day, rather than mandating a strict meal plan, like competitors Jenny Craig and others do.

The hope is that by teaching Weight Watchers subscribers to make healthy decisions as they lose weight, they will be better positioned to keep the weight off afterwards. Weight Watchers accomplishes this through its patented Points system, which combines different measures of nutritional value into one measurement.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers also uses a separate, but related, Points system to measure the value of exercise activities performed by a Weight Watchers member each day. Weight Watchers members can then convert these exercise Points into additional food that they can eat that day or during that week. They also can just enjoy the additional weight loss that exercising without increasing their consumption of food should give them.

Weight Watcher Points

Weight Watchers members are then told how many Points they may eat each day. This allocation is typically based upon the individual's gender, age and current weight. Nursing mothers typically are given additional Points, due to the additional nutrients that their bodies need. As part of their membership, Weight Watchers members are given a slide rule card to calculate the Points value of foods, based upon the foods fiber, fat content and calories.

Weight Watchers members also may look up the value of generic items and items on restaurant menus in Weight Watchers guides. Depending on the diet plan that they have signed up for, Weight watchers members may then record the Points value of the items that they eat, so that they can identify trends in weight gains or losses.

In Person Meetings

Weight Watchers offers members in person meetings, held in more than 30 countries, as well as online plans, which allow members to input their daily food diary information on the computer. There are a variety of different plans available, depending on the time of year that a member signs up with Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers may offer a number of discounted options during popular weight loss times, such as just after New Year's and before the beginning of summer.

There may be coupons available for printing on Weight Watchers' corporate website, WeightWatchers.com.

Depending on the campaign that is being run by Weight Watchers, these may waive the initial sign up fee for new Weight Watchers members, which can be worth as much as $30 or even $40. Weight Watchers typically charges members between $10 and $15 to attend each weekly meeting, however there may also be coupons available on their website to reduce this cost to $7 to $9 per week if a member signs up, and pays in advance, for a bulk set of weeks.

Signing Up for Meetings

This could mean signing up for as many as 16 weeks of Weight Watchers meetings at a time. Weight Watchers allows its members to use their prepaid vouchers and membership materials to attend meetings anywhere, which makes the bulk membership purchase plan much more appealing to prospective members who travel a great deal for work.

Online Discount Codes

Coupons and online discount codes for Weight Watchers may also be available through various healthcare providers. Asking your doctor for more information on Weight Watchers is a great way to find out if he or she has a Weight Watchers coupon or discount code that you can use to get your first meeting or even series of meetings free.

He or she may also have a Weight Watchers discount code that you can use online for a discount on your membership to a Weight Watchers' online membership.

While a live Weight Watchers meeting will disseminate Weight Watchers information on ways to stay on your food plan each week, and provide a forum to discuss challenges in dieting with other Weight Watchers members, joining Weight Watchers online will provide a similar experience, but without requiring Weight Watchers members to actually attend meetings in person.

Online Memberships

Weight Watchers' online members weigh themselves each week to measure their progress, and have access to a library of information that is comparable to the information that is provided to members of live meetings each week.

Online members of Weight Watchers also are able to communicate with an online community of other online Weight Watchers members. There may be discount codes right on Weight Watchers website for this service, which charges by the month.

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