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What is good science

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Welcome to What is Good Science, a European Studies Course at the Universiteit Maastricht. The project aims at offering summaries of several philosophical texts and enrich them with thoughts and critical reflections.

Please feel free to participate in this project by adding further articles, comments or links to third party websites.

Overview of readings

Week 1 - Lecture

  • introductory readings

Week 2 - Tutorial

Week 3 - Lecture

Week 4 - Tutorial

Week 5 - Tutorial: Science and Understanding Human Actions

Week 6 - Tutorial: Science as an Artefact

  • Hacking, I. (1999). Why ask What? In idem, The Social Construction of of What? (pp. 1-34). Havard University Press

Week 7 - Tutorial: Science and Scientific Practice

  • Latour, B. (1987). Opening Pandora's Black Box. In idem, Science in Action. How to follow scientists and engineers through society (pp. 1-17). Milton Keynes: Open University Press

Week 8 - Tutorial: Objectivity and Values

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