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Wikimovies/Evening of The Reanimated Corpses (first wiki movie)

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Evening Of The Reanimated Corpses is small 10 minute indie film done for a "Mass Media" class and is going to be released under Perry Como Productions (a twilight zone reference). The film is a traditional zombie film and aims to have a heavy George Romero influence. Its release is planned for very early 2006. Please be mindful of our limited resources. We can do people being shot and easten, but we can't do re-animated severed heads (OK, maybe one or two). The script is very much incomplete and not all that good, but it wishes to be :) Here's your chance to be an important part of a movie's production. The film will be made publicly available via YouTube where you can see your hard work in practice. Good Luck working on the very first wiki-movie. Old movies

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