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Wikipedia Boycott Voting

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I whole heartedly agree with the campaign to end use of Wikipedia for its lack of authoritativeness and its failure to meet its own professed ideal of an encyclopedia that is richer and more accurate for its democratic "openness."

Wikipedia fails in every measure. It is filled with inaccuracies, and when these are discovered, typically the case since Google serves up Wikipedia at the top of every search, those with accurate, factual knowledge only encounter roadblocks when attempting to amend Wikipedia articles. Changes that are good and correct are regularly discarded in favor of nonsense.

Clearly, an obstinate few rather than an enlightened many are in charge of policing Wikipedia, and their goal is NOT the maintenance of a fact-filled and comprehensive encyclopedia but rather the control of beliefs, propaganda, and information deemed antithetical to their interests. Because these would-be "thought hackers" have no other purpose, career, or business, they can spend all their time pretending to be academics, shaping their pet project into their vision, while the vast majority of the people who look up items on Wikipedia spend all their time working and producing in the real world, haplessly gobbling up the atrocious inaccuracies that fill the pages of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is NOT authoritative. Do not trust ANY Wikipedia article if you are in any way serious about completing an accurate homework assignment, or a valid report, or a factual novel premise, or a creditable scholarly paper. Instead, use Encarta available at http://www.encarta.msn.com, or the Columbia Encyclopedia available at http://www.bartleby.com


Eric Shawn Novelist

The above is a great summary of why not to use Wikipedia.

Here's another: If the "elite" (admins/sysops) have decided they don't like you, they'll take any and every opportunity to screw you over, block you, etc and you will have absolutely no recourse (although you can try arguing it out with Jimmy Wales himself though your chances are slim to none). � Nathan (talk) 06:35, 15 June 2008 (UTC)

List of Boycotters

  • Eric Shawn, Novelist
  • Nathan
  • Avianraptor
  • Robert Roscoe Weaver
  • Roger
  • Jack
  • John
  • Sarah
  • Dirksmusicarchives

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