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Wikiteacher is a wiki site specifically for teachers to share knowledge, lesson plans, experiences, results, and curriculum paths. This is a template for the site. Currently, the evolution of the site is focused on the following: making the site as easy as possible to edit, promoting growth; making the site as useful as possible for teachers, promoting use; and creating a format of pages that is flexible, can be easily navigated, and promotes an inquiry-based, student-centered classroom. The site will initially focus on the subject of mathematics.

Important attributes for this site to be useful

  • Immediately
    • Easy to edit wiki pages, including adding mathematical notation and images
    • Easy to turn existing material in the format of word documents, tex documents, html, and pdf files into wiki pages and insert existing material into existing wiki pages
    • Easy to turn material on wiki pages into word documents, tex documents, html, and pdf files ready for the classroom
    • Template that will allow users to create pages with similar structure
    • Ability to search by topic
  • Eventually
    • Ability to refine searches by grade level, concepts, necessary background, relevancy to state standards
    • Ability to create and edit curriculum maps
    • Ability to create and edit wiki textbooks
    • Expansion into other subjects other than mathematics

Template for New Pages (a work itself in progress)


Example Pages

Number systems


Number patterns

Hourglass problem


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