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Windex Coupons

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What is Windex

Although Windex is known as a product for cleaning glass and mirrored surfaces, different versions of the product are emerging within the cleaning product market, making Windex available for an array of surface types, styles and materials.

The diversified Windex combines the same integrity and familiarity of traditional Windex, used to clean glass surfaces, and offers a wide range of cleaning abilities, tackling a variety of jobs and tasks around the house or office.

There are a range of glass cleaning products touted by windex, giving consumers options for their cleaning needs. From pre-soaked wipes to foam to traditional glass cleaner, consumers have a multitude of choices for their glass and mirror cleaning needs. New technology in glass cleaner, such as the foaming version by Windex, allow consumers to clean windows, mirrors and other glass with a non-drip formula that stays put until wiped completely clean, revealing a glimmering surface.

In addition to the glass cleaner consumers know and love, Windex has begun offering new extensions of their well known brand in multi-purpose cleaners that can be used on many different surfaces around the house, outdoors and within an office setting.

Antibacterial Windex multi-purpose cleaner provides the well known sparkling cleanliness of Windex with antibacterial properties that cut through grease and grime while killing bacteria that can provoke sickness and contamination within the kitchen and bathroom spaces.

All Purpose Cleaners

On the other hand, Windex has also begun offering an all purpose cleaner that combines the familiarity of Windex with the same ingredients your grandmother may have used to disinfect and clean the home: vinegar.

windex logo

Despite the addition of vinegar in Windex's new multi-surface cleaner, consumers can gain a sparkling clean home without harsh chemicals or the strong smell of the common pantry ingredient.

Spray Cleaners

For consumers looking to freshen their space while achieving cleaner surfaces, Windex has also introduced a sprayed multi-surface cleaner that combines the well know brand, Glade, for a fresh accompanying smell.

Despite the addition of new multi-purpose surface cleaners, Windex's new innovations have continued to progress, offering consumers a new way to cleaner tough to reach outdoor windows and glass. Using a mere hose that plugs into the Outdoor Multi-Surface Cleaner, consumers can clean spaces that may normally require a ladder and maximum effort. Instead, consumers now have the ability to clean outdoor surfaces with the squirt of the hose from the safety of the ground.

Among the countless new tools on the cleaning industry market, Windex has also uncovered its own cleaning tool, which allows buyers to clean windows that are hard to reach or awkwardly positioned with a windex soaked cloth that fastens with ease to a reaching tool.

SC Johnson

As a company who is familiar with a variety of brands consumers use every day within their homes, SC is known for its advancements and constant innovations among cleaning products, baby goods and health and beauty products that make the lives of consumers much simpler.

In fact, SC Johnson has been creating quality products since 1886, making them a brand that many Americans, and people across the world, are familiar with. Headquartered in Wisconsin, where the company began, SC Johnson is an American company who employs as many as 12,000 employees across the world.

SC Johnson is known for other cleaning and home brands, in addition to Windex, such as Glade, Pledge, Raid, Ziplock, Off!, and Scrubbing Bubbles, just to name a few.

Windex Coupons

Traditional Clipping

Windex coupons can be found very often within the newspaper inserts in the Sunday newspapers because of the size and backing of the brand. Red Plum and Smart Source are just two of the inserts that often carry the Windex brand.

While clipping coupons from the Sunday newspaper is a very effective method of uncovering the valuable offerings of the familiar brand, Windex brand coupons can also be found in abundance on an array of websites and coupon blogs that tout such savings.

Coupon Websites

Windex coupons are very often among such savings offered on online avenues. In addition, one of the best ways to discover Windex coupons is by heading to the SC Johnson website. In the corner of the website, consumers can click a link specifically for promotions and coupons, printing their favorite products by the Windex brand with the tap of the mouse.

Extra Windex Savings

In addition to clipping tradition coupons and printing online savings, consumers may now find that they can save even more on Windex brand products by doubling up coupons when possible. Large pharmacies often allow consumers to double their savings by using coupons specifics to stores, like Walgreens, CVS and RiteAid, combining specific store savings with SC Johnson coupons for Windex.

Purchased Coupons

Last but not least, consumers looking to save on Windex brand products can head to bidding websites, like Ebay, where coupons can be purchased. Coupons purchased on sites like Ebay are mailed to the consumers who buy them, where they can be used to save money when buying Windex.

Although this method of couponing can be a great way to save money, it is vital to be sure that coupons purchased are sold for much less than what one might save. Buying a coupon for a similar price to the savings amount can sometimes be a waste of time. Instead, it can be more helpful to seek significant savings, when bidding for Windex coupons, for a very low cost.

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