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Quote of the Day

Darth Vader:"Luke, I Am your father."


Darth Vader tries to comfront Luke Skywalker to the dark side on Cloud City.

Featured article (week 1)

The Guardian of Forever, also referred to as the Sentinel, was the name given to the unidentified creature that protected an underground city on the planet Alashan. The being was the byproduct of an ancient complex within the underground metropolis of Forever. The power of the complex caused the creature's presence to give off an extremely large energy signal that could be sensed at a distance, even by the sensors on an astromech droid. The creature and the complex had been seemingly created by an ancient race native to Alashan, whose technology and culture had been lost to time. For some unknown reason, the race had sealed their city's walls with a massive metal barrier, locking the Guardian and their ancient technology away from outsiders.

The Guardian possessed near-supernatural powers and strength. Among its arsenal was the ability to fire a concentrated superlaser, as well as the ability to modify its size and to teleport. After being released from its prison by curious Rebel archaeologists, the Guardian began to slaughter what it perceived as unwelcome intruders. Eventually, due to efforts by Rebels Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa and Imperials Wil'm Grau and Anarine, the ancient complex was smashed into disrepair, apparently killing the seemingly invincible monster.

Did You Know...?

Grand Inquisitor Malorum was killed in the Third Battle of Theed? Merr-Sonn Mobile Grenade Mortar was capable of firing approximately one hundred grenades per second? Cornwall was a planet embroiled in a civil war? Rallan served under Jodar Frein on Sandwind Team? bobber birds could be found on Endor? Boba Fett used a subjugation prong to ward off a Panna dragon?

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