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Project Yankee is a VGOC gathering held by Hank Yang on May 24, 2008. It was unofficially "Wayne's Going-away party".

Its namesake is derived from Hank's first exposure to western culture being from the United States, and Wayne's departure to Pennsylvania for university.

Its description on Facebook was:

K everyone, so basically, Wayne is leaving, literally! We should have a going away party for him, and I've volunteered my house. If anyone would rather have the event held at their place, please let me know.

The date is set tentatively for Saturday May 24th, since Wayne is leaving by the end of the month. Grounders, my mom's cooking, Wii, and Mafia will be the main instruments of fun.

Please feel free to discuss everything in the wall below (schedule conflict, rides, who's bringing the Wii, etc.)

And where the hell is Oleg?

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