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Younkers Coupons

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Younkers Store

Younkers, the iconic mid-western department store chain, has been in business since 1856. Selling items such as clothing, furniture, and home goods, Younkers is a company with a rich history. "The customer is always right" has been the mantra since the company's founding, and Younkers still makes the customer its main priority. With a rewards program, coupons, gift registry, and community outreach programs, Younkers remains a customer favorite.

Younkers: A Brief Company History

In 1856, three brothers from Poland opened up a store called Younker Brothers in Keokuk, Iowa. The three brothers, Lipman, Samuel, and Marcus, carried their goods into the countryside to sell to isolated farm families. In 1874, their brother Herman opened a dry goods store in Des Moines, Iowa. After the Keokuk location was closed in 1879, the Des Moines location became the main store for Younker Brothers.

Soon, Younker Brothers became a company of "firsts". In 1881, they were the first store in Des Moines to hire a female store clerk. In 1939, they installed Iowa's first escalator, and they were the first store in the United States to air condition the entire building.

After they moved to their permanent location in 1900, the store became "the place to be". The store had a tea room, dancing, knitting classes, and more. Anyone who was anyone went to Younkers.

Younker Brothers grew rapidly by buying other stores such as Grand Department Store and Wilkins Department Store. After their merger with Harris-Emery Co. in 1927, Younker Brothers became the largest department store chain in Iowa. They continued to expand, and by the 1970's, Younker Brothers had stores in Iowa, Illinois, and South Dakota.

In 1979, Equitable of Iowa bought Younker Brothers, and changed the name to Younkers. Younkers then bought out Brandeis and Sons and H.C. Prange Co. In 1995, Younkers was sold to Proffitt's for $216 million, and became a division of Saks in 1998. The original store closed in 2005, and now Bon Ton is the corporate parent of Younkers. Today, Younkers remains a strong, customer service oriented company.

Younkers Rewards Program

In keeping with their customer service policy, Younkers offers a rewards program. Every time a customer uses their store credit card, they receive points. For each net dollar spent, the customer gets one reward point. If 1500 points are acquired in a single calendar year, the customer is given the option to become a Rewards Elite Member. More information can be found on their website at www.younkers.com.

Younkers Coupons

Other Younkers Offers

At the website mentioned above, Younkers offers printable coupons. Some of these coupons are good for both in-store and on-line use. There is also a section for in-store promotions and specials.

Younkers also offers a gift registry service for bridal, baby, and personal registries. These registry services come with some of their own perks. For example, bridal registry customers receive registry rewards with every dollar spent on their items. Once $1000 is spent, the registered couple receives a gift card for 5% of the total sales on their list. Free gift wrapping is available for all gift registry items.

Gift cards are available in amounts ranging from $5 to $250. Gift cards can be purchased on-line or at in-store locations.

Community Outreach at Younkers

Younkers community outreach programs are a great way to help those in need. Each spring and fall, Younkers accepts gently used clothing donations which are given to local Goodwill stores. Customers receive a savings coupon for each item of clothing donated. The coupons are then good towards Younkers merchandise.

The Charge Against Breast Cancer is a year-long fund raising program. Every time a customer uses a Younkers charge card, a donation is made to the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa. In addition to this, a special sale of Cancer Awareness pink items is held every October. The proceeds from this special sale go to cancer research.

Every year, Younkers has a Community Day. This is a fundraising program for non-profit organizations and schools. Yonkers coupon booklets are sold by the fundraising organization for $5, and the organization gets to keep the entire selling price. The coupon booklet is full of great savings at participating Younkers stores.

Younkers, a mid-western institution since 1856, is still a vibrant part of the community. Their policy of strict adherence to customer service and dedication to the community has made Younkers a respected company.

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