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Zaxby's Coupons

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What is Zaxby's?

It's when two young boys have a dream, talking about it and developing the dream as they shoot hoops on a boring day in sunny Statesboro, Georgia that things happen. Menus get developed, suppliers get researched, locations scouted, funding researched, friends recruited for employees, and doors get opened. That's what happened to two young boys from Statesboro, Georgia (think Georgia Southern University) when they had the idea and opened the doors to Zaxby's, the premier chicken shack on the southern half of the East Coast and Texas. The first store was opened across from the university, and they were off and running.

Zaxby's is known for not being fast food. Their foods are cooked to order so it's fresh, hot and done the way the customer wants it. Their foods can be cooked in any combination the customer wishes, whether inside a combo meal or separate items on the menu made into a combo meal. The customer holds a buzzer pad which, when it buzzes, means the customer's order is ready. It usually takes between ten to fifteen minutes, but no longer, to prepare a customer's meal, but when it's ready it's the best food you've ever eaten. There's a reason Zaxby's has such a loyal following.

Without sounding like an ad for a competitor, Zaxby's does chicken the right way. Whether it's the marinade or the oil used in frying some of the chicken, whether some of the chicken is slow cooked or grilled, Zaxby's chicken entrees are moist and juicy, not dried out from frying or sitting under the warming light all day. Some of their sides might be fried, but others are healthy and taste outrageous. Even if the customer ordered fried mushrooms instead of a potato side or fried onion rings, he could pull the breading off the mushrooms and not miss a thing. But that would be cheating himself, because the breading tastes wondrous.

Menu & Location

The menu consists of chicken in any shape or form, from boneless wings to bone-in wings, from chicken fingers to chicken sandwiches, and from nibble-sized chicken sandwiches as an appetizer to chicken club sandwiches any way the customer wants them. Thinly sliced potato chip-appearance baskets, onion rings, fried mushrooms, cole slaw, fries, celery, white cheddar bites which are small nuggets of breaded fried white cheddar cheese and Texas Toast make up the unique appetizers on the menu.

Zaxby Logo

Dessert consists of cookies and milkshakes but that's not a bad ending to some of the best chicken you've ever eaten. Zaxby's sauces are virtuoso in themselves and include everything from not so sure to a bit spicy to oh, wow and ending with a trip to the ER. The barbecue sauce is just terrific while the sweet and spicy is just what it claims to be.

If you're lucky enough to live in Georgia, the company has stores all over the place. They branched into Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. It stands to reason there would be coupons to save on meals or individual items on the menu in places like the Sunday newspaper coupon section, the local shopper magazine, value-pack type mailers and other such coupon locations.

Getting Zaxby Coupon's

Many times coupons in booklets are given to school children to sell as fund raisers for their schools which include food, services and entertainment coupons. Direct mailers, usually regarded as junk mail, arrive in the mail as another method of company marketing. Otherwise, going online for coupons to this amazing restaurant can be accomplished, too.

Since Zaxby's is more local rather than a national chain, they tend to advertise locally. When searching the web for coupons, however, most sites offering coupons tend to backlink to the Zaxby's site. There will be coupon deals and two membership clubs to sign up for which will have their own deals. These clubs provide you with discounts year round. When you first sign up for the mail club, you'll receive a coupon for a free meal at Zaxby's. Kids eat free on their birthday, get free cookies at holidays and get back to school promos.

Using the Coupons

Some of the coupons are for a free drink with the purchase of a meal, some are for buy one meal deal and get one free or buy one meal deal and get one at half off, while other coupons are for a free appetizer with the purchase of a meal. The savings are real and pertinent to anyone trying to get along in today's economy. Even if it's only a coupon for a drink, unfortunately, those are expensive, too but it helps.

Not bad for two kids who, twenty years ago, were disenchanted with the state of Georgia chickens and set out to remedy the problem. That they did so tastefully and affordably has netted them some of the most loyal chicken enthusiasts in the Southeast. Zaxby's can even be franchised to introduce the brand to yet more chicken lovers. Coupons, either in newspapers or mailers as well as online, give people the chance to check out the chicken even more affordably, garnering Zaxby's new satisfied and loyal customers.

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