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  • Name: Zentillion
  • Creator: Zent
  • Language: Any
  • Homeworld: Valgris
  • Population: Unknown
  • Availability: GM only

Appearance and Physiology

The Zentillion are rather mechanical creatures, their forms ranging from insectoid to humanoid, usually, the more humanoid ones are stronger and more intelligent, though this is not always the case. They have blood, which is a deep indigo, and is rather artificial in nature.

Within each one lies a central processing chip that is interconnected with a mechanical "brain", the chips are stamped with the symbol of the Space Colony ARK.

On each one, usually on their forehead, is their own symbol, which looks like a purple cross between a yin-yang and two interconnected beetles.


The Zentillion are a hive-minded race save for a select amount of individuals, and do not really have a culture, however, they all do have a shared objective - completely engulfing Valgris and turning it into a completely techno-organic world.


Originally an Artificial Intelligence created for GUN by Professor Gerald Robotnik, the Zentillion system was easily a Blood Ops-level project due to its large scale and intense nature. However, it was decommissioned when it was deemed too risky to be completed, Gerald completely agreeing...

Unfortunately, the first ARK Incident happened, and the Professor went mad over the loss of his granddaughter, and modified all of his projects to his new goal of annihilating Valgris as revenge, the Zentillion Project included - he finished it and put it on standby - only the failure of his plans for ARK would trigger its awakening.



  • Zentillion Metalla (the center of the system, considered their ruler/god)
  • Kefka, who "worked" with them for the majority of the Chrono Emerald arc while also being one of the representatives of Lavos. His eventual defeat left his mind stuck in one of their drones until he became a Heartless and escaped it.

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