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The major parties began their campaigns, vigoriously forming the first round of advertisements and doing a fair share of behind-doors scheming. The main issue early in the day was a national advertisement nominally backed by the Radical Moderate Party, in which CIA agent Michael Vaughn ineptly praised the Party. Continual efforts to identify those behind this have thus far been unfruitful. Likewise, the perpetrators behind the transfer of $2 million from the Liberation to the Radical Moderate party accounts have not been identified.

Another ongoing theme was the actions of the Sorceror's Party, which was abroached by the Liberation Party in the interests of forming a broad-based magic coalition. The Liberation Party offered to make the Head Sorceror vice presidential candidate, but the Sorceror demanded to be the front runner of the campaign. In the ensuing rift and tension, the Sorceror's Party campaigned heavily against the Liberationists in Ohio, experiencing a brief rise in popularity. By the end of the day, the Liberation Party massively outbid them in advertisements, gaining Wisconsin and recovering most of their lead in Ohio. The Sorceror's Party continued to maintain defiance and attempted to finance further attack adds, but by the end of the day their financial resources were nearly exhausted.

Revelations about the Radical Moderate candidate's actions, in particular his acquience in the summoning of two demons, caused tensions to develop within the RadMods. The outward rift with Jonathon Jones was later smoothed over, and Jones agreed to become his running mate, but potential tensions over magic-use remain.

This was not a wholly bad day for the RadMods, however. Developing diplomatic contacts with Australia lead to organization of the Alteration Deal, an organized trade of Australian MagRem technology for semi-obsolete navy vessels. Announcement and sustained advertising saw a slight rise in the polls for Florida and Illinois, which handed the latter 194f

state to the Radical Moderates.

The Beige Party focused its main efforts today on building up support in its base, with a focused and sustained advertisement in California that substantially increased its lead. A running mate was also selected, Perry Cox of Sacred Heart Hospital.

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