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AnimeB [1] is a forum dedicated to Love Hina & Negima, two works of japanese manga Ken Akamatsu. With thousands of users, and many topics, it is a community, with brigades, a roleplaying forum and an active arcade.

Administration, Moderators, and Members
Historical Events and Incidents
Forum Specs and Features

--Geiranto 12:26, 13 February 2007 (EST)


Animeb was founded on January 23rd, 2002. It started as a Love Hina fan site, with news, downloads, galleries and all information regarding the Love Hina anime/manga. After having many crashes, it still remains online. It has had many URLs and hosts - here is a list:

First URL: http://lovehina.2ya.com/ (it's a redirecition but it still works!) - currently redirects to http://www.animeb.com/

Other URLS/hosts:

  • lovehina.terahotel.com
  • lovehina.zonaxtrema.net
  • lovehina.fatcake.com
  • lovehina.vivelared.com

http://www.animeb.com/ hosted at: iefactory, servicioshosting, cyberventas, and now finally happy at downtownhost

Currently, Animeb is a forum dedicated to Love Hina & Negima!: Magister Negi Magi, two works of japanese manga artist Ken Akamatsu, as well as other animes and manga. With a current total of thousands of users, and many topics, it has brigades, a roleplaying forum and an active arcade.


Metal gear Solid Brigade - The Metal gear solid fan brigade.
Maze of the Dark - Brigade dedicated to Evangeline A K McDowell, Mahora Academy's resident vampire sorceress, and to Chachamaru and Chachazero, her loyal servants.
Shoutbox - Easy-to-access chat medium located in the Main Page. Spammed daily. Once the cause of conflict between the webhosts and the admins. Currently being flushed everyday to decrease lag on the server and has been limited in that it can no longer post images or links. AnimeB Radio - where members can go on the air. Very random. And sometimes rockin'.

Noted Members

All Our admins:

Style (active)
Hinarei (active)
Betong Asna

Retired Admins:

Other notable members:


  • Style founded and maintains the forum and site as webmaster.

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