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Previous years' organizing pages: BlackRockRollerDisco2007, and BlackRockRollerDisco2006, which include the complete page editing history.

This page is for organizing Burning Man 2008. I copied all reusable content back from [[1]].

Hello, and welcome, fellow campmates, to the Black Rock Roller Disco wiki page for camp organizing. READ THIS: What is a wiki, how do you use it? This a web page you can edit! Just click on the edit tab, above! Look at this page to understand, or click edit and then look for the Editing help link. -Jesus (a.k.a. Elvey)


The purpose of this page is to help us self-organize, so we can have a great camp. Hopefully this wiki page will require less organization effort (i.e. 'leadership') than other methods, since anyone in the camp can edit the page directly, updating it with relevant info. This is intended only for people who have joined the camp. I'd prefer if folks sign in before making edits to this page. Create a login (ideally, your playa name, though I'm breaking that rule) and use it.

Returning visitors to this page

Mailing List

Go go snurl.com/brrdlist in your web browser. (Do NOT make this a link, please. I do NOT want that page to be spidered/indexed.)

  • Once you've signed up, you may need to click on the appropriate link in a verification email as well. Just read it and follow the instructions.

Elliot got folks emails, but some of them didn't come through. The following bounce (trailing bit removed to frustrate harvesters)

  • <jenniferchilds@earth...
  • <dancemoressue@gma...
  • <leapeatatte@ya...
  • <plphantom5657@ya...

Anyone have corrections, please contact me. -Jesus

Bulletin Board

Got extra rope and krazy glue. The music sources (old computers) are dying. Nick/anyone - can someone bring up music? The sound system is fine. Anything that can connect to the amp - e.g. a standard headphone jack or an old 1/4" plug with good music. Nick, can you confirm that you're bringing music? You are, as I recall, so you can DJ... -Jesus, on the Playa, w/D, Patrick, MacGuyver, Toi Box, Jeff,... PS the playa is soft this year. It's georgeous. The floor, 2/3 skate racks, booth, shade structure, shower, lights - including some new ones and the phoenix/eagle. Patrick and Jesus put up 1000 square feet of shade.

Main Section

Here we keep track of vitals for each camp member. Let's try to keep things in a consistent format: Start with your playa name, surrounded by two equals signs on each side. Pay status (not authoritative). Your expected arrival-departure times, in MonAM (i.e. sometime Monday morning) format. In general, DON'T put your email address here; it'll get harvested and spammed, and we should all have each other's email addresses already; phone #'s are somewhat safer. Everyone's required to be responsible for making several major contributions. Examples: Being Jeff or D, Arriving early to help with setup, and feed the camp once. Also helps: contributing to the bar, helping at fundraisers, providing communal equipment... What else should we track here? Oh, yeah, include all the major stuff you're planning to bring that you'll make available to campmates - for example, a toolbox, generator, shade, coffee maker, waffle iron, spices, stuff for providing big meals, a keg, ... Indicate how certain you are to bring the thing - e.g. definitely - count on me....planning to...considering...could be asked to bring..... No need to mention the stuff everyone needs to bring that's mentioned in the Survival Guide. Please add a photo of yourself. Paid folks followed by unpaid folks, alphabetically:

To pay, paypal Sk8GodFather@earthlink.net That is also the Paypal account as well.

BMGroupsmall.jpg GodFatherBurningMan.jpg

Mike, McGyver, Elliott, Arturo and Jeff.

Nick Kay(paid)

Transportation Group: (NYC crew) Nick, Jen, Robert, Jeffrey and Charlie
Expected Arrival: TUESDAY 11:45PM at the GATE
Expected Departure: Sunday PM
Contact: syzmografix(SYMBOL AT)hotmail(SYMBOL DOT)com or 248-207-6207 please call anytime

VITAL INFO: I would like another camper to call me sometime so we can make plan on the phone and get to know eachother. So far, Jen and I will cook two meals for the camp. We will do Wednesday and Friday Breakfast of Pancakes, Veggie Sausages, Tangerine, etc. More Supplies will be discussed soon


Transportation Group: (NYC crew) Robert and Charlie
Expected Arrival: Tuesday 4PM - 6PM
Expected Departure: Sunday PM
VITAL INFO: Purchased space on the NY Container... bringing supplies TBD

How 'bout a pic where we can see your face? -Jesus

Jen Childs (paid)

Transportation Group: (NYC crew) Nick, Jen, Jeffrey
Expected Arrival: Tuesday 11:45 PM at the GATE
Expected Departure: Sunday PM
Nick and jen.jpg

Charlie (paid)

Transportation Group: (NYC crew) Robert and Charlie
Expected Arrival: TuesdayPM 4pm-6pm
Expected Departure: Sunday PM

Jeffrey (maybe paid)

Transportation Group: (NYC crew) Nick, Jen, Robert, Jeffrey and Charlie Expected Arrival: TuesdayPM Expected Departure: Sunday PM

Toi Box (paid)

Expected Arrival: Wed Aug 20th Expected Departure: Monday AM

Jesus (paid)

  • Transportation Group: Cargo van with Patrick.
  • Expected Arrival: EARLY ARRIVAL. (WedPM late)
  • Expected Departure: Monday AM
  • You can page me via text message: mypager@myfirstname.mylastname.com (use my actual name!)
  • Bringing: (!)
    • 10'x20' 'tent'.
    • Kill-A-Watt electric meter so we can resolve problems like those we had last year.
    • Power cords
    • trash bags (plastic) and burn bags (paper - it's impossible to empty plastic bags onto a burn pyre!!).
  • I set up and maintain this wiki.


  • Transportation Group: Cargo van with Jesus.
  • Expected Arrival: EARLY ARRIVAL. (WedPM late)
  • Bringing:
    • 20'x20' 'tent'!

Seth (paid)

  • Transportation Group: Driving up with Kabira Halima Nataline
  • Expected Arrival: very late Monday night or early Tuesday morning
  • Expected Departure: Sunday morning or Monday morning
  • Bringing: date/nut bars to share, a couple of bottles of alcohol for the bar, a small tent that I hope to squeeze under someone's shade structure (?!?), my inline skates (couldn't come to BRRD without 'em), my playful and fun side -- aiming to leave my serious and worrying mindset behind, and the intention for a fun, open-hearted, wild, funkified, rollin', wide-eyed week of my second burn.
  • Contact info: s e t h (symbol AT) bigpoint (symbol DOT) org or 510 282 0374 cell
  • Seth.jpg

JumpinJim (paid)

  • Transportation: My Trooper from SF, leaving Tuesday night (room for 1)
  • Expected Arrival: Wednesday Morning
  • Expected Departure: Monday Evening
  • Bringing: Self, food for Wed, Friday dinner, tools, anything else I can offer


  • Transportation: Flying via Miami to San Fran with Andrea; driving to BRC from San Fran
  • Expected Arrival: Arrive Monday PM
  • Expected Departure: TBD
  • Bringing: (for everyone's use)
    • LOTS of booze
    • Cooking essentials: If I bring these then no one else probably will need to.
      • LARGE Olive Oil
      • LARGE Salt
      • LARGE Pepper
      • LARGE Oregano
      • LARGE Basil
    • Will provide probably 2 meals.
    • Sun-brewed Tea DAILY
  • Can offer:
    • Help with any necessary tasks.
    • If someone wants to offer ingredients for a meal, but doesn't want to cook, I'll create something with what you bring.

  • I've tried uploading a pic, but it always ends up sooooooo big. I've downsized it but always still really big. Sorry!


  • Transportation: Flying via Miami
  • Expected Arrival: Arrive Monday PM
  • Expected Departure: TBD

Happy Trails(paid)

  • Transportation: driving my car from Oakland, early arrival to help set up camp
  • Expected Arrival: late Friday 8.22, or early Saturday 8.23
  • Expected Departure: Monday, Labor Day PM
  • Bringing: smiles, fun, laughter, adventure, open mind, open heart, costumes and costumes to share, bike, 2 tents, food for the camp to share, skates for donation, alcohol for the bar
  • Contact: barrieah@earthlink.net

Paulination and Miss America (Paid)

  • Transportation: Driving from Oakland early on Monday
  • Expected arrival: Mid afternoon on Monday the 25th
  • Expected departure: Sunday afternoon or after the Temple Burn
  • Bringing some Italian food, maybe some pastries if I can convince Miss America to bake and great attitudes

Kabira Halima Nataline (paid)

Sufi Heart Healings


  • Transportation: Driving from San Mateo
  • Expected Arrival: early morning Tues or early morning Weds
  • Expected Departure: early morning Sun or early morning Mon
  • Contact: nataline9(SYMBOL AT)yahoo(SYMBOL DOT)com or 650-458-6228 home
  • Bringing: quiche & chocolate chip cookies to share

Dan and Sacha (Paid)

  • Transportation: Driving from SF on Sunday
  • Expected arrival: Late morning on Monday the 25th
  • Expected departure: Monday 31st

We can do a spagetti dinner on Saturaday night and I think I have an extra mister sprayer that is perfect for use in the kitchen when washing dishes.

Info from D at cora.org

http://www.cora.org/BlackRockRollerDisco2007.html will have info

Upcoming Events

Black Rock Roller Disco Fundraiser at _____:

Pizza/Beer/Art decorating party at 

We hate to set deadlines, but we need folks to get their $$ in so we can start buying shit in advance. _____ is the deadline to get in your $50 contribution to the camp.

If you have a paypal account, you can send the $50 to D. online at sk8godfather@earthlink.net. Otherwise, send it by mail to D. Miles at 830 26th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121.


Bottom line is that we rack up a hefty sum of expenses to prepare for our fun in the playa. A group of us decided at one of our shindigs that we would again this year ask everyone who camps with us to contribute $50 to offset our expenses. This will minimize the amount of $$ we need to fundraise b/c past experience has shown that our fundraisers are a lot of work for little return.

  • Our expected major expenses include:

Stuff bought in previous years. BlackRockRollerDisco2006#Finances From last year:

    • $ 400? gas to/from the playa for D's van and trailer and generator
    • $ xx0? speakers, wires, adapters, MP3 player (speaker wiring needs an upgrade)
    • $ 400? alcohol for the bar
    • $ 160? 500 BRRD buttons - printing
    • $ 325? Lights (efficient ones to replace last year's power hogs)
    • $ 105? Propane - 22 small canisters

  • Our expected income includes:
    • $1250 $50 x 25 members

Projected funds = $???

  • Our actual income so far:
    • $ 0.00 - 0 people have paid $50.00 each (According to this wiki)

Total income = $0



What's going up

Art Car - Status


Campmates looking for or offering rides among each other. (See also: ePlaya)

Nick Kay says "I think we have room for one more in our ride. We will be in Reno on Tuesday until 9pm. Call me at 248-207-6207"

Brooke says "We will be leaving San Fran on Sunday morning and camping on Sunday night on the way to BRC. We will probably have room for another person if you don't mind throwing in some money toward the rental and gas!"

Camp Layout

  • The BRRD will be at : The Wheel^ at 2:15. (I think this means we're at the intersection of "the wheel", 5:30, and the Esplanade! BM loves us!)
  • Size:200+ x 140.
  • Sector:Center Camp 'hood.
  • Placer: Sweetthang
  • ^the "ring road" around Center Camp is "The Wheel".
  • Neighbors:

We're limiting the # of campers this year at 40 burners. We have limited space so please be mindful of that as you make your plans - so, keep it tight! We're mapping out a layout plan that Dan posted below and folks can play with. If you plan on hauling out one of those big mother RV's, you have to sign up in advance to make sure we have the space for your big ol' butt. Discocamp.gif

We need tarps, carpet, and couches. (preferably light-weight)

The layout above is just the general idea, not the end all.

It's special fabric for gardens that is the shit - lets in light, but keeps out the heat.



  • Screen House for kitchen (including lights) - Toi Box
  • PREP TABLE - I have a small card table and another longer one that needs duct tape -Toi Box
  • STOVE RANGE - I'm bringing a one burner propane camping stove and one propane tank - Kabira
  • WATER BOILER - not bringing
  • Avoid bringing high-wattage electric kitchen items. Use propane.
  • 1 bin for garbage, for recycling, dry rack for compost (compost can be dried then put in burn barrels) - Toi Box (Do they have BIG LABELS? -Jesus)
  • White Board for Meal planning (each day if you are planning to cook a communal meal please write on the white board in the kitchen so people know) - Toi Box
  • If you buy food on your way up, and ask for paper, not plastic, we can use the bags for burnables.

Question: if we shouldn't bring any electric appliances, does anyone have a plastic french press-style coffee pot that we could use for the camp? i can provide coffee if someone can provide the press - Happy Trails

Hi Happy Trails- (sorry for such a late reply!)YES- I am bringing a camp coffee maker! It just sits on the propane stovetop and works without electricity!!!8-10 cups I have the filters. I hear that it makes great coffee BUT I heard it is kind of slow- about 40 minutes per pot. I plan to get coffee and sugar in Reno- I arrive late Tuesday.I only have 4 metal coffee mugs. ROBERT D.

Question: will there be a gas stove or burner for communal use? I can bring extra propane canisters but my stove bit it last year and I need to know if I should buy a new one - Toi

  • Hi Toi, yes, there will. Please bring your extra propane canisters. - Kabira

I'll be bringing a small propane grill that anyone can use. it'll fit about 8 burgers at a time to give you an idea of its size. ~ Happy Trails Hi Happy Trails- (sorry for such a late reply)- I am also bringing a 2 burner propane stovetop that anyone is welcome to use. Unfortunately I cannot travel from NY with propane so I am worried that I will not find propane in Reno on Tuesday!!it uses the standard 16.4-ounce propane canisters. If anyone can pick up a few of those that would be GREAT. I have a small pot and skillet, spatula. D has his gas grill again, which takes canisters. (Hi, Toi Box!) -Jesus (from the Playa).


On 8/17/08 12:06 PM, Brooke Errett wrote:
> We had a question about meal prep. If we volunteer to make some meals, how many people should we assume we are cooking for?
I'm really unsure on this one. 30? 35 is fine. The better your food, the more folks'll eat, but extra food is annoying. -Jesus
Keep in mind, the kitchen/meal prep has been and IMO should be pretty informal; everyone should bring some food for themselves for if they miss a meal, the chef(s) flake, food runs out, they want to take something with them, etc. -Jesus


Its key for making bulk quantity of food. Also, i have a feeling that everyone is going to end up bringing ::Hot Sauce, cooking oil, spices/sugar, and propane -- If anyone plans to ::bring staples like this, just right your name/item below so people know who to ask.  ::Its easy to over-purchase. maybe we can prevent that.


Monday: (might be too soon)

  • breakfast - __________
  • lunch - DIY
  • dinner - Grilled Marinated Veggies, burgers. (tentative) - Jesus


  • breakfast - Provided by Toi Box (salsa and cheese scrambled eggs & bacon)
  • lunch - PROVIDED BY BROOKE and ANDREA: Vegan Mac & Cheese
  • dinner - Israeli couscous w/ cranberries, green onions, peas, spices and pita bread ~ Happy Trails


  • breakfast - PROVIDED BY NICK KAY and JEN CHILDS (pancakes, soy sausage, tentative: fruit?, bagels)
  • lunch - quiche & chocolate chip cookies - Kabira
  • dinner - Salmon/Seafood from JumpinJim


  • breakfast - Provided by Seth - I will make oatmeal with choice of toppings (cinnamon, raisins, dried blueberries, brown sugar, freeze-dried banana slices, sliced almonds, honey, milk, and agave syrup)
  • lunch - DIY?
  • dinner - Provided by Toi Box - I am going to make a big pot of veggie chilli for after the bout


  • breakfast - PROVIDED BY NICK KAY and JEN CHILDS (pancakes, soy sausage, tentative: potatoes, bagels)
  • lunch - PROVIDED BY BROOKE and ANDREA (This may be more of a late lunch/early dinner for those that don't eat meat): black beans & rice
  • dinner - Burgers from JumpinJim


  • breakfast - ____________
  • lunch - DIY?
  • dinner - Dan and Sacha

Afterburn Report

Let's consider this for next year: http://www.timefold.com/shower/usetheshower.html#cleangray

Roller Disco


Let's make signs for the skate racks!


  • Simple: Small, Medium, Large - one for each rack.
  • Small (Sizes < 6?), Medium (Sizes 7-9?), Large (Sizes 10+)? (need input from someone who knows shoe size distributions.
  • RollerBlades (for the Rollerblade section)
  • Help, e.g. "Please help keep the skates organized", "Please return skates to rack where found!" It seemed to me the occasional DJ announcements were not heard (I think they sounded too much like entertainment to get people's attention.) The sign I wrote on the floor was invisible under dust within hours. So many people come to BM eager to help out - we can harness that energy with little effort. I was able to get 4-5 people to help put a bunch of skates back on several occasions.
  • Any creative/artistic volunteers to make 1+ such signs for next year?
  • The signs could be painted boards each a)screwed to or a)hung on a nail on or c) painted/written directly on the inside (undecorated) side of the vertical sides of the racks.


Stuff we ran short on:

  • Nails.
  • Long screws.

Member Sign-up/commitment

Some sort of camp admission process - along the lines of http://www.timefold.com/guests/hoco/public/html/page55.html . Our lack of an admission process is hurting us, IMO. I was encouraged to this in '08, but didn't follow up/run with the idea.


Information about this page. This page can be found at http://www.rollerdisco.elvey.com and http://http://www.bluwiki.org/go/BlackRockRollerDisco . D will be setting up a webforward so www.cora.org/rollerdisco redirects here too. Keep in mind that this page is public. Anyone on the Internet can find and change it, and it's already been indexed by google (first hit for "BlackRockRollerDisco").

Don't forget to refresh your memory from the survival guide/make sure you've got all essentials. The burning man web site is full of great info/tips.


Thanks to Odio for the Wiki.

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