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I disagree that most of these tasks ought to be assigned to sysops. Sysop privs are limited to a very few exceptional actions on the wiki:

  • Delete page
  • Undelete page
  • Block user
  • Unblock user

These privs are insufficient for some of the tasks listed on The role of a sysop; for these, bureaucrats are required. For most tasks, though, no privs are required at all -- any user can assume these duties.

I suggest that an office be created of BluWiki:Helper; such a user need not have any special privs, but can be given responsibility for community formation and cohesion. Welcoming the newcomer, writing help files, petty policing of recent changes -- all can be done by any user who chooses to assume the duties.

Petty or not, it seems I'm the only one doing it - which is not an appropriate solution. --Sam Odio 19:50, 4 December 2005 (EST)

Of course, we generally wish to encourage people to assume duties by offering rewards. If we had a business model and an income stream, we might entertain the notion of cash payment -- but lacking this, we must fall back on the Old Reliables of intangibles and the promise of higher office.

In the first case, we might import barnstars and other awards and give them out to deserving users. Also, it seems reasonable that a meritorious term of service as Helper be qualification for elevation to sysop.

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