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Sep. 28th @1:00 AM (EST) - I have taken indigo down to conserve electricity. She will still serve a backup server, but I won't keep her running 100% of the time. Dec. 8th @ 5:00PM (EST) - I now have indigo up and hosting sites at a new IP:

Nov. 30th @ 11:00PM (EST) - Indigo has now been transported to Charlottesville, VA and is at the IP address She may or may not be hosting anything there.

Indigo will mostly be used as a 250GB FTP server and for some web development (Probably for OnTheGrounds.com). Most stable pages will be on Mother, however.

Nov. 24th @ 3:30 PM (EST) - Indigo was officially taken offline and replaced with Mother.


  • Processor: Duron 1Ghz
  • Memory: 384MB SDRAM, PC133
  • Hard drive:
    • Primary: 30GB, IDE
    • Secondary: 250GB, EIDE, 7.2K RPM
  • NIC: 10/100
  • Software:
    • Gentoo Linux
    • Apache 2
    • PHP 4.4.1
    • MySQL
    • Postfix
    • Vsftpd
    • MediaWiki 1.5.2


Indigo served as the backup server until she was hastily called into service when Mother was hacked in the summer of 2005. Indigo served well enough, however BluWiki and the other hosted websites were noticably slower. Given the growing load of the BluWiki website, she was not a long term solution, and was replaced with a more secure Mother in November of 2005.

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