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Please see BluWiki:What BluWiki Is -- for now.

Most Importantly

Please use common sense. If something is illegal in the United States, it is illegal on BluWiki. This includes defamation, libel, etc.

Deletion Policy

Deleting Pages

Please see Category:Pages to delete and Template talk:Pd.

Deleting User Accounts

Accounts with contributions cannot be deleted since this would allow another user to create the account, and claim authorship of those edits. It is not possible for your edits to be removed entirely. They can only be reassigned to something else so as not to violate the GNU Free Documentation License. Since the edits cannot be removed completely (even to free up server space in the case of deleted articles), removing the account would thus potentially violate copyrights by allowing for such authorship claims.

If you decide after creating an account, particularly if you did so using your real name, that you would rather be anonymous, you can have your account renamed. You can request this here. When this is done, your contributions list will be assigned to the new user name.

You may also request your user and talk page be deleted.

Any talk pages that you have signed will still display your former user name. These need to be changed manually by editing the pages concerned. If you feel strongly about your name no longer appearing on the site, you can edit these pages to remove your signature. The easiest way to find these is by clicking "what links here" from your user page.

Personal attacks

The defence of 'free speech' cannot be used to defend personal attacks, which may include libellous and racist comments. These will be removed on sight as will personal attacks.

Personal attacks will result in banning:

  • First offence: 2-4 weeks.
  • Second offence: Indefinite (permanent) block.

However, the BluWiki administration is not responsible for any content here on BluWiki, as long as the content isn't illegal or derogatory to a specific group - though ideally, we'd like to change the world, one person at a time.

From Sam Odio:

In the United States, all citizens are given the right to free speech. However, this right does not give citizens the right to libelous or slanderous expression. BluWiki has a similar policy. While users are allowed as much freedom as possible to express themselves, this "right" ends in any situation where it distorts or prevents another user's freedom of expression. Therefore, behavior such as unwarranted editing of other user's pages in a way that distorts the comments of others, or prevents others from expressing themselves, will not be tolerated. This, in particular, includes spamming other's BluWiki pages with links to one's own website. --Sam Odio 21:20, 7 December 2005 (EST)

Personal Information

Personal Information is any non-public information about a living person that is factual in nature that would negatively impact his or her personal life if it were to become public. Personal information can include, but is not limited to names, birthdays, telephone numbers, and social security numbers.

Personal information may be included anywhere in BluWiki by a user, but at their own risk. The user posting the information must clearly identify themselves (meaning that the information cannot be posted by third parties or without the person's direct consent).

If you feel that personal information has been posted somewhere by a third party, please notify an administrator so that it may be taken care of. Please be aware that the sooner you contact an administrator, the easier it will be for the administrator to remove unwanted information.

Spam Policy

While Bluwiki encourages the use of this site for most purposes there are a few uses that are against this site's principles. The biggest one is spam and/or vandalism to the main community pages. A good example of this behavior can be found here. Repeat behavior of either spam or vandalism will earn any user a ban from the site until they get in contact with Bluwiki's admins.

For more information, see BluWiki:Link Spam.


Any non-constructive edits, that go against the theme or topic of a page (including link spam & outright defacement) is a blockable offence.

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