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Soup's On!

Let's talk

I like! --Sam Odio 08:20, 1 Sep 2005 (EDT)

What BluWiki Is

I'm starting a general discussion of the question: "What is BluWiki". This involves quite a few issues and is more than we can quite fit on our Blu Plate, so please participate here. —"Bear" 00:54, 17 Sep 2005 (EDT)

What BluWiki Is Not

For logical completeness...

Motto brainstorming

While I crank out enough text to talk about, about larger issues, shall we work on a motto?

(comment moved from BluWiki talk:Community Portal)

the blue logo (gears) is fine, but i think we really need something new. if i submitted a mini logo would you consider it? id appreciate if you could also send me the background image, ill factor it in. (by User:Draicone)

This is a wiki; Be Bold. —"Bear" 06:24, 2 Oct 2005 (EDT)
Go for it. The current logo is located here. As you can see, it is just transparent. It would be preferable if yours is transparent as well - but if you feel you need the background, I'll try to dig it up. --Sam Odio 08:50, 2 Oct 2005 (EDT)


This user has been rather offensive -- not only to me directly, but in much of the content she has added to BluWiki. She's now evading blocks using muliple IPs. If you examine the block log for the last few hours, you'll see her IPs don't form a contiguous range; and indeed they may not all be sockpuppets; some may be meatpuppets. Anyway, please remember that many BluWiki users edit anonymously and be careful not to toss out the baby with the bathwater. — "Bear" 07:16, 23 January 2006 (EST)

The End Contained in the Beginning

Early in my involvement in BluWiki, my high hopes conflicted with my suspicion that a lack of determination to structure this community would eventually cast it upon one or more of the many hidden reefs that await the unwary and idealistic. I attempted to be a good citizen and foster the type of structures that might protect BluWiki from the forces that would destroy it. I have failed to do so.

I work with children and other members of the public and it is quite impossible for me to remain associated with any community that harbors militant racism and bigotry. I stand unequivocally for the right of every human being to pass through this world unmolested on grounds which he or she is powerless to alter -- color of skin or eyes, gender, ancestry. I deny that anyone who has been so molested in the past has a right to molest others in turn -- for we have all been slaves at one time or another; it is an enduring curse.

I have tried to oppose an element of militant racism and bigotry here; and been criticized for going too far to suppress it. My only regret is that I did not act more quickly or completely; that I did not go far enough. So long as this element is entertained here, I elect to remove myself from any possible taint. There is room for all kinds of expression in this wide world -- but not for hate and bias. — "Bear" 02:47, 24 January 2006 (EST)

I have only recently come to Bluwiki. I am an occasional contributor to Wikipedia so I believe that I am familiar with the idea behind having a wiki. While I have not done an extensive search of Bluwiki and so I cannot say for certain that Bear's belief that the Bluwiki is overrun with racist hate is true. I am concerned that his concerns on this matter weren't addressed. While I welcome contributors to the pages I am working on, I certainly wouldn't want to have to deal with them being constantly rewrote by racists. It appears that if this had been addressed then we may not have had to lose Bear as a sysop and contributor to the Bluwiki. So I have to ask; Is anything being done currently to address his concerns that Bluwiki is being overrun by racists? Is anything being done to contribute to Bluwiki being an online community? Seanr451 11:16, 1 March 2006 (EST)
Seanr - thanks for your comments. The post you read from Bear is regarding a group who wished to use BluWiki, called Blackfolk. The incident really involved just Bear, some Blackfolk community members, and myself.
To make a long story short, the were a few in Blackfolk who were relatively indecent when talking to Bear (who was, after all, a volunteer - and trying to help). Bear took offense to this, and things soon grew out of hand. The few recruited many more, and they began defacing his personal website and other bluwiki sites. However, I believe what offended Bear the most was my actions. Bear began preemptively blocking Blackfolk users and deleting their pages, for what appeared to be solely because of their association to the blackfolk group. I reprimanded Bear for this privately, and reverted any blocks /deletions that were not a direct response to vandalism. I believe my toleration of Blackfolk to be the primary reason he left.
It is my belief that BluWiki should allow for free expression - even if the sysops don't agree with what the users choose to express. However - just like the right free speech doesn't mean you can vandalize other people's property, I don't feel free expression on BluWiki allows you the right to vandalize other user's pages.
I tried to apply this rule when deciding who should have been blocked. General racism towards whites or association was not enough cause (even though I strongly disagree with it). Vandalism of user pages and/or direct insults toward other users was. --Sam Odio 17:54, 1 March 2006 (EST)

Bluewiki in other languages

I would like to contribute/add something in Marathi language. Can I get some help? tankar 04:44, 13 March 2006 (EST)

Server Time Zone

On the Time and Date Preferences page, it says "?The number of hours your local time differs from server time (UTC)." However, it appears the server is in the UTC+5 time zone, and when using "Fill in from browser", the time is incorrect. It's a easy fix, of course, to just subtract 5 from what the browser fills in, but it would be better if Wiki software knew the correct time zone of the server (or perhaps the server time needs to be corrected?). --WingZero 20:23, 25 June 2006 (EDT)

Hopefully, the time zone problem has been fixed. Let me know if it persists --Sam Odio 18:24, 29 January 2007 (EST)


MattisManzel 10:16, 7 October 2006 (EDT): Sam, yours is an interesting approach to wiki. Maybe I find a bit of time to help here. Maybe not, I'm pretty busy with the wiki-net.
In a way wiki is a metaphore for world, innit? If you can make wiki work you can make the world work. If you can achieve that people get along on a wiki without deleting and vandalizing each other you can also create global peace and in this sense you are very right. Yours is an interesting approach to wiki. "Putting lions and lambs on one lawn, adding elephants and watching if the elephants form a ring around the lambs".
I'm not a religious person myself (k, bit of pastafarianism and discordianism for showing off) but I know that people need religion. It's like a ritualized simplification and for whatever reason people need such. Else their heads explode or such. If I made religion-wiki, I thought, a wiki open to all religions, wouldn't that be an interesting experiment? It couldn't be neutral point of view wiki, no way, it would have to be multiple point of view. Tolerance would be the core-value on it not neutrality. I expected it not to work, actually, but surprise, it works quiete well. I hardly ever contribute to it. I'm too busy with the rest of wikilandia. It's on wikia: religion-wiki. Your approach is similar here it seems to me.

And if it doesn't work? If they nuke and napalm each others pages, behave like the "vandals" (an achient people who also had some kind of culture, I guess), so what? There is no blood involved here. War on wiki and war in real life are two different cups of tea.
When a cruise missile blows away your summer-residence it's gone. When someone defaces my home-page the entire summer-residence including the swimming-pool is still in the history. On wiki the cruise missile adds (a defaced page, likely useless but it might even be entertaining) in real life it substracts.

I should rather read what went on so far here than holding speeches, l8ers.

Thanks for your feedback. So far the BluWiki model has worked... surprisingly well. Outside of linkspam, I'm only aware of one instance of a BluWiki user vandalizing another's page (Blackfolk).
Another expected problem, a limited number of titles, also hasn't been a big issue yet. I guess that really isn't that surprising - after all there are just as many possible BluWiki page titles as there are possible website domain names.
Well, we'll see where things go. We're planning on offering individual MediaWiki installations although I'm afraid that will fracture the community. --Sam Odio 23:42, 7 October 2006 (EDT)

Adding a Category

Is there a way to add categories? If so, how?

--f3rr3t 20:57, 10 December 2006 (EST)
See Category:BluWiki categorization for an explanation of how to add categories:
To add pages or subcategories to any category, add the following to the bottom of the page's markup: [[category:CategoryName]] If the CategoryName doesn't exist, it will be created.
Be sure to put new categories in a parent category by adding [[category:ParentCategoryName]] on the new category's page. For an example, see the the criticism category markup, where [[Category:BluWiki categorization]] is the parent category.
Hope this helps! --Sam Odio 18:38, 29 January 2007 (EST)

Info Box for a University

I notice that you don't have the same templates for information boxes that wikipedia has. This means that I will have to figure out complex html or just go without....which will look bland. But before I do that, do you have any solutions for building a simple information box with photo, etc.??? Is some sort of html my only option? (I even tried some html already...but your site does not recognize the code).


Show me an example of what you're interested in and I'll see if it can't be imported to BluWiki. Thanks! --Sam Odio 18:25, 29 January 2007 (EST)
Here is an example... From wiki Referring to the code for the info box on the right. I don't absolutely need it....but it would be nice. I was playing around on your site and saw a possible alternative way to do it. But if you have a solution that would allow me to use the University info box, that would be better.
Thanks for the quick reply.
It will take me some time to figure out how we can port WikiPedia's InfoBox functionality to BluWiki. I'll keep you posted... --Sam Odio 19:49, 29 January 2007 (EST)

Thanks for checking... I actually found a page with the html codes for those boxes.... If I find that page again, i'll post it.

O.K.... Here is a page with all the coding, etc. Maybe that will help you.

Meanwhile, i'll use the alternative that I figured out....which is to just use a picture frame. That is good enough to get the job done.

Take care...


I've moved this page over to the Discussion tab, so that there's the various talkpage tabs up the top. Thought it would make sense, as it is more discussion than article. If you have any complaints about this move, do NOT revert the edit, instead talk about it below. Microchip08 14:15, 14 May 2007 (EDT)

Move Talk

None, yet


See User:microchip08/Block templates, admins! Microchip08 14:15, 14 May 2007 (EDT)

A few edits to Help:Pictures

Hi. I've added a few things to Help:Pictures. What do you think?--Astrowiki 00:34, 26 August 2007 (EDT)

Looks good. ? Nathan (talk) 00:42, 26 August 2007 (EDT)
Don't see whats wrong with using external images, especially if their your own images hosted on Imageshack/Photobucket or some other Image hosting website, its just hotlinking to other peoples images that are not yours thats frowned upon. --KaiAdin 03:27, 26 August 2007 (EDT)
Oh I see whats happened.... wikicommons doesn't allow hotlinking... its not bluwiki, but the wikimedia servers not allowing the hotlinking, Ill just upload to image shack or something an example image, and external link to that, and restore that deleted section --KaiAdin 03:32, 26 August 2007 (EDT)
Feel free to change that example image --KaiAdin 03:39, 26 August 2007 (EDT)

Using Footnotes

I haven't figured out how to make the ref tag work. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Footnotes

Any ideas?

--DavidKer 17:37, 7 April 2009 (UTC)

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