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BluWikians are the people who use BluWiki. They are, in essence, BluWiki.

What for?

They are people who use BluWiki for various purposes. BluWikians have developed various types of wikis - from education to entertainment wikis.


Some BWs have spared the time to add their Userpages to the category that lists them automatically. Even newbies can do it: paste [[Category:BluWikians]] near the bottom of your userpage. Not on someone else's, though - please respect the privacy or the ignorance of people who have not chosen to give themselves that prominence.


BluWikians share the BluWiki Philosophy.


Contributions wanted. - BluWiki is unique in that original page authors normally decide who can edit their page. By putting this banner up, the author(s) of this page are soliciting your assistance. Please help them by contributing useful information to it. You might find more information about what is wanted in the discussion of this page.

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