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Well hello there!

Welcome to My wiki site.

[My wiki "Friendslist"]

wanna add yourself into My wiki friendslist? follow these steps in exact order.

  1. go to Bobslife.bluwiki.com/go/Name_here replacing Name_here with your first and last name separated with an underscore.
  2. at the top click the edit button: Edit.png
  3. add {{subst:Template:NewFriend}} into the edit box and click save page. this will input the template into your page to edit box after you save and reload
  4. click edit again and fill in the details.
  5. when you are finished click save.
  6. upload an image. (this is optional, but you will have that funny image there untill you do.)
    1. at the bottom of the page, click "Upload file"
    2. upload your image there and click "Upload file"
    3. copy the image title
    4. return to your page and click the edit one last time
    5. replace imgname.jpg with your image name. then click save

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