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Box Hill South Primary School

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Box Hill South PS opened in July 1927 in Birdwood Street, Box Hill South, Victoria, Australia. The school gradually expanded, but by the 1980s went through a period of contraction with enrolments dipping below 200 students. In 1994, the school merged with nearby Bennettswood Primary School, and was renamed Roberts McCubbin Primary School after the famous 19th century artists. The new school remains on the Birdwood Street site, and the original brick building still stands.


In 1985, a wooden flagpole was erected in the quadrangle, outside the school hall. This flagpole was never used, as it was on the eastern side of the quadrangle, so students at assembly on Monday morning would be looking directly into the sun if the flag was raised. A newer steel flagpole was erected a year later on the northern side, well away from the morning sun.

A time capsule was buried on the property in 1985 to commemmorate the 150th Anniversary of the settlement of Victoria. A brick monument was constructed at ground level, and a sundial mounted on top. Over the next two years, it was vandalised, with the sundial damaged (forcing its removal), and the plaque disappearing. A change in school administration saw the monument removed; presently, no record exists to show there is a time capsule buried there. It is unknown if it will be uncovered in 2035 as originally planned.

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