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Wikipedia Boycott Campaign

Wikipedia Boycott Campaign

The purpose of the Wikipedia Boycott Campaign would be to call attention to the systemic issues plaguing Wikipedia as explained within the Criticism of Wikipedia article.

Disclaimer: This is not an actual boycott. This is discussion about a possible boycott; its purpose and means, etc.


All details about the possible campaign are all subject to change. Feel free to make recommendations, comments, etc on the talk page.

Possible slogans for the boycott could be

  • Imagine a world without Wikipedia. That's our mission.
  • Imagine a day when Wikipedia truly benefits society. That's our mission.
  • Imagine Wikipedia living up to its ideals. That's our mission.

Aspects of the boycott could include

  • Acknowledging that Wikipedia is an inherently flawed system that should be ended rather than amended.
  • Acknowledging that Wikipedia can never become encyclopedic regardless of changes, recommendations, etc.
  • Acknowledging that Wikipedia is based on false assumptions and ideals.

Consequently, the boycott could seek

  • To refuse to participate in contributing to Wikipedia as well as encouraging others to do so.
  • To actively discourage everyone from using Wikipedia as a research tool
  • To encourage everyone to use legitimate sources for research.
  • To encourage professional organizations to officially denounce Wikipedia as a research tool.

Participants could consist of

  • Wikipedians as well as non-Wikipedians. Eventually, the boycott could consist primarily of non-Wikipedians.

Other details are available at Wikipedia Boycott Campaign.

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