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So how should the website work? What should we be doing with it?

Bugs to fix

  • None just now!

Pages that need attention

  • Feb 2009 - replace LaTeX PDF and add the BibTex one
  • Articles page should have links to articles on it! (This should be done automagically with a wordpress/codex based script/template)
  • About - History does not need to be a separate page!

Features to add

Better URL's

Wordpress has other options for permalinks/url structure, but I think we may need to set the server up to do this. Would be nice to have something other than ?pageid=504..


We did not add this satisfactorily before.(Add a life stream to pull in #BradLUG)

Freedom, Flexibility, Learning, Rewarded effort, Good tools

I liked Lem's five features: Freedom, Flexibility, Learning, Rewarded effort, Good tools - wondered if we could build something around that - with appropriate acknowledgement to Lem

Tip of the Week

What about a Tip of the week feature? It would probably need someone to collect in the tips from members and then post a new one up each week.

Learn from others

Looking at some of the other local LUG group websites (Hull, Scunthorpe), I see they have forums. I wonder if this would be of use to the BradLUG as we've tried the IRC (not popular/too difficult to use) and the Google group (much anti-google sentiment and too much spam) without much success. Thoughts? (ACR)

Member profiles

There must be a better way! Can we pull in people's profiles from other places? Do other people want profile pages?

Wayne - I'm in favour of dropping these pages and just linking to peoples site's/blogs if they want. The original idea was to link to GPG sigs and such. Opinons?
David - I agree, it seems a bit odd to have just those 5 and no easy way for people to add their links/info...

Pages Dropped

Rotating Image

We still want to have some more images of Bradford with penguins and photos from socials
We need to add the photos from the competition

It should...

  • be easy to find out about where and when meetings/socials/events are taking place
  • show that we are doing things - numbers of people at meetings, short reports
  • be easy to submit our meetings to other services such as 'geekeryin'
  • easily subscribe to the events/google calendar
  • look cleaner with the interesting stuff easy to find

What I like about the website as it is...

I like the calendar with meeting dates on the home page.

What I would change...

Need Specification

DT - IRC page for easier non geek access to IRC [Any idea how we could do this?- DC]

Wayne- Dick found a plugin to do this but it uses iframes so I have not implemented it atm I can do though if people want it.

DT - Links / guide page for useful links people have found [Sounds like social bookmarking to me - Delicious and a 'bradlug' tag? Any other ideas]

Wayne- I really like this idea and think we really do need to get a delicious tag

Who can edit?

Site Admins

  • David C
  • Nige
  • Wayne
  • Dick
  • Andrea



DC - I'd like to see the number of people that attend the meetings published more regularly

  • NJS - Site automagically updates on frontpage for number of members when gdocs spreadsheet is updated [Clever Stuff. Not sure it's prominence on the front page is warranted tho. Maybe this is something for the footer. Perhaps a google chart would be nice for this - line chart with Wednesdays on one, Fridays on another. I'll try to mock that up...DC]

DC - I'd like to see the front page change more often - perhaps meeting notes should get posted/promoted to the front page.

Fixed Bugs

  • Google Calendar - add this button - should add the calendar and not take you to the google calendar page - we could have a link that takes you to the page, but add this button should do add this functionality... thanks Nige
  • Upload permissions need setting (Failed to upload a pdf due to permissions)
  • David C and Wayne both have a member page, but it's not listed under 'Members' menu.
  • Now that 'previous meetings' pages have also been turned into posts - should we delete the pages?
  • Past Meetings should just be a link to the Archive category, not a page in itself: put past meetings under the Meetings tab

Recent menu updates have left the site uncompliant, this could do with a quick look at if someone has a little time - NJS Thanks Nige - sorted I hope DC

Less relevant

  • Might be worth looking into the code that displays when no #bradlug tags are found at twitter or twitter serach is down...

[Got rid of this feature - not working that well - DC]

  • History
  • Meetings (remove past meetings links and put a link to 'Past Meetings'
  • Front page attendence numbers need looking at for the graph

John_H: Home

Make the Welcome a bit stronger and slightly deemphasise Bradford, e.g. Welcome to the Bradford GNU/Linux site; we are a Bradford based self-help group for GNU/Linux, Open Source and Free Software users in West Yorkshire. and so on

Move Upcoming meetings to the right hand column

I don't think it is necessary to fill the first page; in the best sites I have seen, there is no need to scroll the first page to see anything. You click on a tab to get to the next level of information.

Wayne - Dave C - Acted on you suggestions John

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