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This is our top-level category (and, mixing metaphors, our root category). Other wikis use terms such as "Browse" or "Fundamental".

This category may be used to categorize various topics on BluWiki, such as by people, places, religion, interests, etc. When it gets to have 20-30 subcategories, some of them may be more easily found if they are moved "down" one level to be subcategories of a remaining 2nd-level category.

To add pages or subcategories to any category, add the following to the bottom of the page's markup: [[category:CategoryName]] If the CategoryName doesn't exist, it will be created.

Be sure to put new categories in a parent category by adding [[category:ParentCategoryName]] on the new category's page. For an example, see the the criticism category markup, where [[Category:BluWiki categorization]] is the parent category.

All users are urged to make sure that:

  1. every "article" is in at least one category (and preferably two or more if at all applicable - this can be more flexible than subcategories can be, eg an article can be in a category even if only a small part of it is covered by the category; article "Russia" can be in categories "Europe" and "Asia")
  2. every category except this one is in at least one parent category (and may sometimes be suitable in two or more, provided that its subject-matter is wholly within the parent cat's scope; category "Russia" should not be in categories "Europe" and "Asia" because that will lead to circularity, endless loops, and possible duplication and other waste of effort).

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