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Course information

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Course information

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Qualification: Diploma (AQF) Training Package: ICA99 - Information Technology

National Code: ICA50601 

Course No: 3757

Nominal Hours: 695

Vocational Area: Business Arts and Info Tech

Program Area: Web Technologies & E-Commerce

This Course replaced: 3635 - Information Technology (Web Site Production and M)

Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module/s Core: 3661L Perform stress&load test of intg. pltfrm 30

3662G Develop & coordinate client accept test 30

3756B Develop website information architecture 30

3757A Design dynamic websites to meet tech req 30

3757B Ensure dynamic website security 30

3757C Implement secure encryption technologies 20

3757D Install & maintain valid authent process 20

3757E Gather data to identify business reqs 20

3757F Translate bus needs into technical reqs 20

3757G Implement risk management processes 20

3757H Configure a payment gateway 30

3757J Integrate a database with a website 25

3757K Use site server tools for e-business 30

3757L Compile and run an application 50

3757M Ensure privacy for users 20

3757N Conduct operat acceptance tests websites 20

3757P Create dynamic pages 30

3757Q Implement QA process for websites 20

3757R Maintain ethical conduct 10

3761X Requirements analysis and management 30

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