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http://nocanozelro.com/roloudomd.html[acelalelal] [[1][acelalelal]]


Control of Documents Procedure

  • Productions always follow a set of documented guidelines.
  • Audio and Video production procedures are especially stringent.
  • Logos and style guides are standardized throughout the websites and new reusable media is always available.

Internal Audit Procedure

  • Audits overlook the functioning and implementation of procedures.
  • Past performance is a benchmark for future improvement.

Control of Non-conforming Product Procedure

  • Negative customer feedback is used to gauge dissatisfaction.
  • Reviews are conducted of the offending products and necessary action is taken.

Corrective Action Procedure

  • After accountability is established, the team responsible for the problem is also the team responsible for the solution.
  • Problems due to erratic hardware is resolved by replacing or upgrading hardware.

Continuous Improvement

  • A specific rate of expansion and improvement is expected.
  • Ratio of new customers to old customers is used as a approximate indicator of improvement rate.

Customer Satisfaction

  • As stated, customer feedback is encouraged.
  • Total customer satisfaction is reviewed. But in the review procedure, more weight is given to results (turnover) than to comments.

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