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Control of Documents Procedures

This procedure is about control of documentation which includes documents from both internal sources, such as images, style guides, etc and external such as standards and specifications.

The simplest way to control documents is to make them available on the computer network, preferably with no paper copies anywhere.

Internal Audit Procedures

This procedures describes the steps for gathering the information to determine whether the quality management system is effectively implemented and maintained. This is obtained by:

-observing processes being carried out

-talking to the people carrying out the processes

-looking at records

To ensure the web's quality is maintained at the assigned standard, this procedure is repeated every 6 months.

Control of Non-Conforming Product Procedure

This procedure will document the steps to follow to identify product and/or service problems (nonconformity), deciding what to do about them.

To ensure the highest quality possible, reqular user usability test is carried out regularly.

Corrective Action Procedure

This procedure is concered with finding out why the nonconformity occured and making ture that the problem does not occur again.

Some example of this procedure is :

-client visit

-interview with client/ customers

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is a term used to describe the incremental improvements that take place over time as the result of corrective actions are fed back into the Quality System.

Example of this is:

- getting feedback from customers/ staff

- general observations

Customer Satisfaction

- Surveys

- Feedback

- Suggestions- online form

- party for customers

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