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DWTS Week 1

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Individual judges scores in charts below (given in parantheses) are listed in this order from left to right: Ian Ross, Anne Hathaway, Mark Webber.

Running order
Couple Score Style Music
Andrea & Princess Jive "Easy"— Ne-yo
Diane & Tom Quickstep "Face Drop"— Sean Kingston
Georgina & Delio. Tango "Happy"— Leona Lewis
January & Paul Jive "I Wanna Know Now"— Miley Cyrus & David Archueta
Rachel & Jason Quickstep "Just Fall in Love Again"— Jason Castro
Jake & Melisa Tango "Life After You"— Daughtry
Jimmie & Yuri Jive "Love Like Were Dying"— Kris Allen
Rey & Carol Quickstep MagicSerena Gomez
Kris & Mariel Tango "My Wena"— Bowling for Soup
Max & Lehy Quickstep "New Perspective"— Panic at the Disco
Radha & Toffy DQ Quickstep "One and the Same"— Demi Lovato and Serena Gomez
Rebecca & Kenny DQ Jive "Where my Mouth is"— Taking Back Sunday
Julia & Jean Marc DQ Tango "Yamaha Mama"— Soulja Boy Tell Em' featuring Sean Kingston
Marcus & Quickstep ""—
Maria & Jive ""—
Michael Tango ""—


after the live Show CBC Presenter and Contestant Andrea Roda Caught 3 Contestant (Field,Fletcher,Mitchell) using Sandok at the Live Show the Contestant is Disqualify by Roda.


CBC Answer the Problem the Shows Presenter results Roda was Suspended by 1 Week.

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