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Daryl Bradford Smith (The French Connection)

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Daryl Bradford Smith [1] has been hosting a show called The French Connection since 2005 on Internet radio. Despite having contacting him several times to suggest that the information that he broadcasts is incorrect, he ignores my e-mails and insists, instead, on hosting shows consisting of more and more lies.

This Wiki is dedicated to exposing the lies told by Daryl Bradford Smith.

The indexing of this site will be by date of broadcast on Smith's part. I shall be posting as time allows and eventually hope to post commentaries on all of Smith's broadcasts, as well as the "educational materials" he hosts on his Web site.

Click here for the full catalogue of lies, misstatements, disinformation, and idiocy.

-- Andrew E. Mathis, Ph.D. [2]

I'm sorry, but the Red Menace and Jewish Zionist quest for a New World Order is very real. Normally I wouldn't have the slightest idea that such a thing has been going on, but in December 2002 someone sneaked LSD (**) into my refrigerators contents, which got me enticed into a mental hospital visit with criminal intent for two weeks. Before and during my stay in that mental hospital i was threathened and intimidated that the Mossad would take care of me. I still couldn't figure out WHY I would be an offensive threat to Israel's secret intelligence. Only later I found out that the Mossad was active at work to kill any and all 'subjects' with above average intelligence, and for whom values like honesty, justice, freedom and independence count higher as cooperation with corruption and hence are a threat in finding out and possibly exposing their secretive plan for world hegemony.

The threat has been published and warned for by many people besides Daryl Bradford Smith: From "Bloodlines of the Illuminati" by Fritz Springmeier, third ed. 2002 page 366 :

"Adrien Dupont masterminded

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