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Disability Links

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This Page Containts Useful information about students with disability

In students with disabilities There is help avaliable

In case there is fire wait for the floor contoller who will ring up the fire bridgrade there is also support teachers who give you hand===

=Disabilities Teacher Consultants

TAFE NSW employs specialist Teacher Consultants to ensure that people with a disability have equal access to education and training at TAFE NSW campuses. Teacher Consultants provide a range of services to assist students. These include pre-course counselling, assistance with the enrolment process, as well as determining the most appropriate classroom support and assessment modifications. A range of strategies can be employed and may involve tutorial support, the use of adaptive technology, a sign language interpreter, note-taker or disability assistant. These adjustments may also apply to students who have a temporary disability.

Different Teacher Consultants have specialist disability areas – contact a Teacher Consultant relevant to your disability to discuss any assistance you may need, or just to find out about campus facilities or course requirements.

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