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Dogs-Doris2.jpg Dogs-Doris3.jpg Dogs-Doris4.jpg
Name:  Doris (female) Dogs-female.png
Birthdate:  2007
Color:  Dogs-brown.png Dogs-black.png Dogs-.png
Size:  L Dogs-L.png
Weight:  22 kg
Rabies:  Dogs-yes.png
Parvovirus:  Dogs-yes.png
Adenovirus:  Dogs-yes.png
Coronavirus:  Dogs-yes.png
Kennel Cough:  Dogs-yes.png
Leptospira:  Dogs-yes.png
Distemper:  Dogs-yes.png
Parainfluenza:  Dogs-yes.png
Microchip:  Dogs-no.png
Sterilized:  Dogs-yes.png

Doris is a two year old german shepherd mix. She is large in size and weighs approximately 22 kilos. Doris is desperately in need of an owner. She is very affectionate, friendly and playful and will learn anything her owner wants her to learn. A highly intelligent dog with natural guarding instincts whose only purpose would be to please its masters. Her eagerness to love and be loved would make her a most loyal companion and friend to whoever adopts her. Doris requires walks and exercise and lots of interaction with people. She gets lonely when left alone too much.

Doris was adopted by the Jason's family :) She is in Rhodos, in a big garden playing all day with the cats and Dino-the male dog of the family!

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