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Double Auras

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The Double Auras saga was an Eternal Darkness-based RP, known during it's time for it's subtle storyline (enabling it to canonically exist simultaneously with other RPs) and unusual method of progressing character relationships and storylines without actually being "Popped", allowing characters to develop with small numbers of readers and active roleplayers. Its storyline focused primarily on Sasaki and her then-artifact, the Tome of Eternal Darkness.

  • Start date: 10-11-2003
  • End date: 3-17-2004
  • Gamemaster: Sakaki
  • Involved players: Sakaki, Nexus, ZMetalla, Cy, Craig Bayfield, Cari, breif showings by others.
  • Main heroes: Sasaki, Ruby, Tamara, Gerard, Geiss, Aura, MT, DMT, and others.
  • Main villains: Lumen the Liche, Jenn.
  • Introducing: Lumen the Liche, the Ancients.
  • Story type: High Magic Horror Adventure.
  • Rating: R for language, strong content, and horror.


Sasaki first found the Tome of Eternal Darkness, a "book of the damned", in Jaunary 2003. Its ill effects were met immediately; she began to slowly lose her sanity and perform progressively more unlike her actions. Despite this she learned much about magic and the multiverse, and became a very capable spellcaster. But the book came with a very dire drawback: It's owner has to save the world from an unstoppable evil, the Ancient Ones, or die trying. Most simply die t

Ending result

With the Tome of Eternal Darkness banished into a void, and the champions of two of the Ancients soundly beaten, it is believed that Thier influence on Valgris has ended. There were no permanent deaths, and Lumen is rumored to still live in Sega City today, mortal and converted from evil. It is also worth noting that this was the first time Sasaki had seen her birthfather since childhood, and is the formal return of Sakaki, as a God-incarnate.

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