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ECHIDNA - High Resolution Powder Diffractometer

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Engineering drawing of the ECHIDNA High-Resolution Powder Diffractometer (August 2003)

ECHIDNA is the name of the new neutron High Resolution Powder Diffractometer at Australia's new research reactor OPAL, ANSTO.

The instrument serves to determine the crystalline structures of materials using neutron radiation analogical to X-ray techniques.

It will operate with thermal neutrons. One of the main features is the array of 128 collimators and position sensitive detectors for rapid data acquisition. ECHIDNA will allow structure determinations, texture measurements and reciprocal space mapping of single crystals in most different sample environments serving the physics, chemistry, materials, minerals and earth-science communities. ECHIDNA is part of the Bragg Institute's park of neutron scattering instruments.

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<math> r_{n,n+1} = \frac{k_{n}-k_{n+1}}{k_{n}+k_{n+1}}\exp(-2k_{n}k_{n+1}{\sigma_{n,n+1}}^2) </math>

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