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Engineering drawing of the ECHIDNA High-Resolution Powder Diffractometer (August 2003)

ECHIDNA is the name of the new neutron High Resolution Powder Diffractometer at Australia's new research reactor OPAL, ANSTO.

This is a user experience log for the SICS intrument control software

fake SICS

The dummy sics environment is in the following tarball http://gumtree/nbi_development/ics1-echidna.tgz

You need to set add the following entries to your /etc/hosts and /etc/services files.


  • mc1-echidna mc2-echidna mc3-echidna mc4-echidna


  • pmc1-echidna 51034/tcp

pmc2-echidna 51035/tcp pmc3-echidna 51036/tcp pmc4-echidna 51037/tcp

telnet-echidna 60001/tcp

telnet-echidna 60001/udp

interrupt-echidna 60002/udp

server-echidna 60003/tcp

quieck-echidna 60004/udp

After extracting the tarball cd to the fakeDMC dir and run the startmotors.sh script. Then cd to the sics/server dir and run ./SICServer echidna_configuration.tcl &

You can then use socat to connect to sics with the following command socat READLINE,history=$HOME/sics_history TCP4:localhost:server-echidna,crnl

the above should be all on one line.

You can then login with user sydney

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