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Economics Job Market Wiki - Interviews and Flyouts for 2012-2013

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This site exists to disseminate information concerning the economics (and economics-related) job market. This page has information on institutions hiring during 2011-2012, who they have interviewed, whether have they invited candidates for visits, and whether they have made offers.

See the new Free Economics Job Market Report 2013: This Report is backed by answers of 2,500 economists worldwide and shows 2013/2014 job market trends for Economists such as salaries, skills and specializations most in demand, selection processes in different countries, value of academic degrees etc. Report is downloadable free of charge.

Notice 11/27: There is an alternate, fully anonymous, wiki page hosted at the Econ job market rumors message forum. Users are encouraged to post information there, or to update both the EJMR and Bluwiki pages with new interview information. The two boards are not integrated, so be sure to check both.

These tables may be edited by any user and should be used to record confirmed information. Post rumors and other discussion of the job market to the economics job market message forum.

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    • Econ job market rumors message forum: Board for posting rumors about the job market.
    • INOMICS - Jobs for Economists: Listing worldwide job openings as well as conferences and courses for economists.
    • EconJobMarket.org: A nonprofit organization that seeks to reduce the costs of information flow in the economics job market by providing a secure central repository for the files of job-market candidates (including papers, reference letters, and other materials) accessed on line.
    • walras.org: A free and user-contributed database collecting all job openings for PhDs in economics and related fields.
    • Economist Jobs: on Econ-Jobs.com a site dedicated to listing economics jobs
    • phdeconomics.com: a site with links to job-market candidates from top departments in the U.S., Canada, and worldwide
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Jobs Table (Employers A-L)

Start the 2012-2013 Tables below:

School Field ASSA/AEA Interviews (other conference) Earliest known AEA call Most recent AEA call Rejection Campus Invitations: Earliest Invitation Offer Made Offer Accepted
Abt Associates Labor/Education AEA 12/04
American Institutes for Research Labor/Education AEA 11/30
Appalachian State University International Economics
Auburn University Law and Economics AEA 11/28
Bank of Italy any AEA 11/28 Makinen (SSE), La Mattina (Boston U), Campa (IIES Stockholm U)
Boston College (Carroll School) Finance AEA 11/28 Di Maggio (MIT) Liberman (Columbia)
Bowling Green State University Macroeconomics AEA 11/28
Brattle Group Any Phone Interview 11/29
Bucknell Behavioral
Bucknell Political Economy
Carleton College Any 12/05
CNA Any field AEA 12/02
Centro de Estudios Monetarios Latinoamericanos (CEMLA) Macroeconomics / Finance AEA or Skype
Colby College Economic History AEA 11/27
Compass Lexecon Any Phone Interview 11/26
Cornerstone Research Any field AEA 11/28
Dalhousie University Any/History AEA/CEEE
Dalhousie University Any/Macro AEA/CEEE
Deloitte Transfer Pricing Any AEA 12/17 01/07 Yes Anna Milanez (Harvard), Juan Sebastián Lleras (Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon), Anil Kumar Somani (Harvard)
Durham Business School Finance/Economics AEA or Skype 11/30
Eastern Michigan University Applied Microeconomics AEA
Euromonitor Macro Phone Interview 11/26
Facebook Micro Phone Interview 11/20
Institute for Defense Analysis Micro AEA 11/2
Georgetown University, SFS Qatar Any 11/19
George Washington University Trachtenberg School Micro/Environmental APPAM 11/5 (APPAM)
Lebanese American University Any AEA 12/6

Jobs Table (Employers M-T)

Start the 2012-2013 Tables below:

School Field ASSA/AEA Interviews (other conference) Earliest known AEA call Most recent AEA call Rejection Campus Invitation Earliest Invitation Offer Made Offer Accepted
New Economic School, Moscow any AEA 12/6 Hinnosaar (Collegio Carlo Alberto), Karmaker (Boston University), Grant (University of Cambridge), Zincenko (UCLA), Abbasoglu (University of Southern California), Campa (Stockholm IIES), Droller (Brown University), Higa (Brown University), Tartari (Yale University), Jakobsson (Stockholm School of Economics), Koutmeridis (Warwick University, Morin (European University Institute), Lin (Saïd Business School), Makinen (Stockholm School of Economics),Dyakov (Rotterdam School of Management), Hinnosaar (Northwestern University), Zoabi (Tel Aviv University), http://goo.gl/dnfda
Occidental College Development AEA 12/6 (phone)
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Micro/Labor AEA 10/26
Penn State AEA list of junior candidate seminars:
1/8         Jack Fanning                       

1/9 Eliav Danziger 1/10 Yingni Guo 1/13 Charles Murry 1/14 Henrique de Oliveira 1/15 Michal Szkup 1/16 Martin Hackman 1/17 Owen Zidar 1/20 Kyle Herkenhoff 1/22 Daniel Grodzicki 1/24 Rohit Lamba

Princeton Any AEA Agarwal (Harvard), Morales (Columbia), McQuade (Harvard), Diamond (Harvard), Morten (Yale), Chetverikov (MIT), Kolesar (Harvard), Varas (Stanford), da Silverira (NYU), Persson (Columbia), Oberfield (Chicago), Dovis (Minnesota), Dobbie (Harvard), Larsen (MIT), Abito (Northwestern), Rossin-Slater (Columbia), Ponticelli (UPF), Di Tella (MIT), Golub (Stanford), Xandri (MIT)
Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) Finance AEA Du (Harvard) McQuade (Harvard) Clark-Joseph (Harvard) Di Maggio (MIT)
Quinnipiac University Any Field AEA 12/3
Sarah Lawrence Labor 11/12 11/30
Shippensburg University Applied Microeconomics/Monetary/Financial Economics AEA 11/30
Singapore Management University (SMU) Econ 11/25
Syracuse University Econ e-mail
Tuck School of Business Finance AEA Neumuller, Johannsen, Edwards (YALE), Masten, Noel, Dobbie (Harvard), Varas (Stanford), Cui (Princeton), Xu, Di Maggio (MIT), Gilje (Boston College)
Tufts University Economics 12/11

Jobs Table (Employers U-Z)

School Field ASSA/AEA Interviews (other conference) Earliest known AEA call Most recent AEA call Rejection Campus Invitations: Earliest Invitation Offer Made Offer Accepted
University of Bonn Macro Laureys (UPF), Findeisen (Zurich), goo.gl/pYzsF goo.gl/pyqmt 12 Jan
University of California, Davis (ARE) Econometrics Mahajan (UCLA), Wu (TAMU), Serra Devesa (IRTA), Ghanem (UCSD), Montiel Olea (Harvard), Ortiz-Bobea (UMD), Garlick (Michigan) 12 Jan
University of Chicago Di Tella (MIT), Tintelnot (Penn State), Persson (Columbia), Wang (MIT), Freyberger (Northwestern), Chodorow-Reich (Berkeley), Agarwal (Harvard) 12 Jan
University of Iowa Macro Neumuller (UCLA), Johannsen (Northwestern), Cui (Princeton) 12 Jan
University of Minnesota Scott (Princeton), da Silveira (NYU), Di Tella (MIT), Tonetti (NYU), Perla (NYU), Xandri (MIT), Morten (Yale), Cisternas (Princeton), Larsen (MIT), Oberfield (Chicago) http://goo.gl/Yxf4f 12 Jan
Universitat Pompeu Fabra http://www.econ.upf.edu/en/research/seminars.php 12 Jan
University of Chicago Booth Finance Iverson (Harvard) Di Tella (MIT) Di Maggio (MIT) 11 Jan
University of Chicago Booth Macro Chodorow-Riech (Berkeley), Perla (NYU), Wieland (Berkeley) http://faculty.chicagobooth.edu/workshops/international/index.html 11 Jan
University of Missouri Econometrics Pau Pujolas (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona), David Kaplan (UCSD), Minkee Song (Columbia), Yoonseok Lee (Michigan), Jose Asturias (UMN) http://goo.gl/T0vIW 12 Jan
University of Pennsylvania, Wharton BEEP Shapiro (MIT), Leight (MIT), Dobbie (Harvard), Couture (Toronto), Homonoff (Princeton), Bazzi (UCSD), Gerard (Berkeley), Persson (Columbia), Abito (Northwestern), Chinco (NYU Stern), Bulman (Stanford), Diamond (Harvard), Spenkuch (Chicago) https://real-estate.wharton.upenn.edu/research/seminars-conferences/
University of Pittsburgh Econometrics Shuyang Sheng (USC), Federico Zincenko (UCLA) http://goo.gl/A39BJ
Uppsala University Public/Labor 11/27
University of California, Santa Cruz Economics 12/8
University of Chicago AF Scott Duke Kominers, Ben Golub Scott Duke Kominers, Ben Golub
University of Cologne Behavioral e-mail Aniol Llorente-Saguer (Max Planck) Johanna Mollerstrom (Harvard) Agnieszka Tymula (NYU)
University of Connecticut (Public Policy) e-mail
University of Kent e-mail
University of Louisville 11/21
University of Oregon - School of Business Finance AFA 11/28
University of Texas at San Antonio Micro 11/21
University of Toronto http://www.economics.utoronto.ca/index.php/index/research/seminars?dateRange=past&seriesId=0 12 Jan
University of Warwick Zucman (PSE), Faber (LSE), Rhodes (Oxford), de Chaisemartin (PSE), Bianchi (Paris), Jia (IIES), Szentes (LSE), Schoenberg (UCL), Buisseret (Princeton), Strack (Bonn), Wang (MIT), Ralston (MIT), Schoenberg (UCL), Ulbricht (Munich), Mourifie (Montreal), Mehrotra (Columbia) Noguera (Berkeley), Serafinelli (Berkeley), Sovinsky (Zurich) Bagues (Carlos III), Almunia (Berkeley), Dilme (Penn), Rubinstein (LSE), Toda (Yale) http://goo.gl/h8OLK 13 Jan
University of Washington Econometrics 11/21 Ji Hyung Lee (Yale) goo.gl/i1WGU
University of Wisconsin at River Falls Micro Phone interview
Washington University St. Louis Micro 11/30

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