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Project Famicon (Fr: Le System d'Entertainment de Nintendo, Jp: ファミコン, Ch: 发文光会, Rk: Fah-mee-khung) is MF's VGOC project and semi-birthday party held on the weekend before the February Break, 2006.

History of Naming

20 Years. w00t.

July 15, 1983. The NES was released in Japan. Video games changed forever. Almost 500,000 units sold that year. Despite hardware problems, Nintendo issued a massive recall, fixed everything, and still sold more than 1.5 Million in 1984. Console gaming was finally working.

Rewind to February, 1986. 20 years ago. The NES was released for the first time widespread across North America (100k were sold in New York during October of the previous year, and they were rushed to make more).

In honour of the 20th anniversary of the console which first ran Duck Hunt, Mario Brothers, and Megaman, MF's VGOC party for February 2006 is titled Famicon (Since Zhang's system requires me to use an F when I name my parties. Seriously, wtf is up with that? I'll name my parties whatever I damn well please. Maybe I will. I'll just call this one "ker-plup" and be done with it. Don't like it? Screw you. It's called ker-plup now.).

Ahem. Famicon sounds better than NES. So that's the name of MF's VGOCness.

General Information

At long last, MF turned 16. That's almost a year behind some people (Nathan, Zhang). In any case, break + birfday = Famicon. MF asked no real presents be brought, since he wouldn't be getting anyone else something.

Despite his protests, MF recieved presents. These were a supid Doll and "Princess Tiara" from Nick, and two Jet Li movies from Zhang. The Doll was promptly returned to Nick, and the Tiara is lying broken somewhere in MF's room. The Jet Li movies (Hero and Unleashed) were well appreciated, though MF was once again forced to take the historical content of Hero with a grain of salt [I never cared about that before. I just think the fight scenes are awesome -MF]. Upon viewing ten minutes of Unleashed with his father, MF decided to postpone viewing until his Dad wasn't watching. The movie is deemed as good, but too violent for the older generation.

MF is now dismayed, as he must get a present for several people.

Date & Time

It was break, so many times were discussed, but eventually Saturday the 12th to Sunday the 13th was decided upon. Everyone was told to be there right at five, but no one really did. Stupid people being dumb. Hope showed up last, around 11. All this lateness made MF very mad.


10 people attended, resulting in one of the biggest VGOCs since the original. Those that came were:

  1. MF
  2. Nathan
  3. Zhang*
  4. Nick
  5. Oleg
  6. Brendan*
  7. Hope
  8. Ken*
  9. Rocky
  10. Li*

Those with stars next to their names didn't stay overnight, for reasons of suckage.

Jiajia was also invited, but was unable to come (Some bullcrap about babysitting his sister...). Hope was narrowly convinced into coming, as it was difficult to persuade him to come instead of playing Splinter Cell Chaos Theory with Chucky (Which would have wasted his time).

It is worth noting that this was the first party of MF's that did not include the infamous Sean Acton, who was deemed too crazy for the night (Specifically, MF did not want Sean bouncing off of the pool table).

The fabled "Chinese-to-White Ratio" that Zhang continually cites as a reason for the invites came into being here, as a complete coincidence. Despite MF's consistent, intelligent denials that he discriminates his guest selections based on race, Zhang continues to believe that MF's house will fall apart if more Asians come to the party than non-asians. Zhang is very stupid (See also ker-plup).



Mafia was played and involved a prostitute for the first time, which happened to be Oleg. Li got fairly angry after accusations of his "special powers". Hope was very effective as Mafia, winning with rookie Brendan Shaw. The games made many people angry, as random comments given out by random people often completely screwed up the flow of the game. The only two times MF actually participated (Not hosting), someone framed him at the start of the first round, which made him very mad about everything. Mafia was abandoned after two full games and three partial games that didn't work out.

Video Games

The major focus of the time was Kingdom Under Fire, played by Nathan, while MF, Nick, Hope and Oleg looked on and criticised everything he did. Nathan failed to beat some bad guy, probably because he couldn't properly use his "Saperz" and trap the green glowing squares. Soul Caliber III was also played by Nathan, Nick and Oleg, to varying degrees of sucess.

MF's plan for structure to the Halo playing completely failed, and all matches were completely random. Rocky began playing, as "Rocko", and seemed to be very good, considering his inexperience. MF and Nick dominated all but one match, which was narrowly won by Nathan. Oleg was unseen, as he probably didn't sleep enough. MF and Nick firmly rejected Nathan's pleas to consider him their equals. This plea was determined to be bullshit after MF's final decisive victory, which included a 16-0 run that had Nathan die five times. Nathan is not an equal.


Football was never played, probably because of wintery weather, despite it being terribly warm. MF figured somebody would complain about it being "too cold" and "too snowy" (In the absence of snow), and also "why do we play this game with a ball" and "where's the cheese?".


MF edited together a very nice RVB Season One that he, Hope and Rocky watched. The new Jet Li movies were not watched.


Pool was a very popular event throughout the night. In a mini-tournament, Zhang lost to MF's father in a narrow last-ball game. Nathan easily defeated Brendan Shaw. Oleg, claiming he's only played pool 5 times in his life, defeated Rocky with relative ease. Zhang lost several games during the night in stupid last-shot mistakes, including a scratch after hitting in the 8 Ball.

It was the first time that real 8-ball rules were actually used. This meant players had to call out every single shot that was being made.


Ken brought MahJong, but he failed to stay overnight, and Mafia took too long to ever get a chance to play MahJong. MF is very mad, as he's only ever played it twice, but loves it.


Nobody wanted to do anything else.

Food and Drink

There were two meat lover's pizzas. Lots of pop in bottles was found on the kitchen table. There were chips, including jokes to Nick about all the Salt and Pepper chips being gone because he was so late getting there.


This VGOC gathering was decidedly the same as others. Nothing much was new. MF is now on the hunt for new ideas at VGOC parties, to break the current monotony. Any ideas are welcome.

That's a wrap guys. I've finally completed a full writeup of ファミコン, 2 months after it happened. Anything else to add can be, but this is pretty much it for now.

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