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Directors: to enter appointments go to Auditions 11/25-11/26 page. If editing window does not open, click on Edit at foot of page

Don't put your email addrs on here: bots will find them and spam you.

Please enter director's name and actor's name opposite the 20min slot of your appointment.

FS187 SPRING '08

Auditions 06/06

Auditions 04/12 04/13

FS185 FALL '07

Auditions 11/17 11/18

Auditions 11/25

FS185 FALL '06

Auditions 11/25-11/26

Auditions 11/28-11/29

Auditions 11/30

Auditions 12/01-12/02

FS187 SPRING '06

SPRING'06 Shooting Schedule

SPRING'06 List of locations

SPRING'06 List of props/equipment

SPRING'06 Cast Lists


Auditions 3/17-3/19

Auditions 3/24-3/25

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