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Plurk > Formatting

Plurk has a few features for formatting text.

  • To insert a URL into a Plurk, simply type the URL.
    http://example.com -> http://example.com
    • You can change the link's label, too:
      http://example.com (Example) -> Example
  • To link to a Plurk user, use @username.
    @johndoe -> johndoe
  • To bold text, use **example text**.
    **this is a sentence** -> this is a sentence
  • To italicize text, use *example text*.
    *this is a sentence* -> this is a sentence
  • To underline text, use __example text__.
    __this is a sentence__ -> this is a sentence
  • To use code-style text, use `example text`.
    `this is a sentence` -> this is a sentence

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