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As the hooplah surrounding the events at the Age of Aquarius World Benefit Concert (02/04/07) died down, there was a palpable sense of expectation.

The majority of the world's population was sure they had witnessed a great event, one that sent their heart strings a-flutter, that brought them closer together, one that left them with the inescapable notion that familiar presences from beyond the grave were now an immediate and present part of everyday life. For others, 2 April was a day not too disimilar to the day that preceeded it, or the day that preceeded that.

The often tossed about joke about there being two types of people in the world: those that ..... and those that .... was all of a sudden true. The world was now divided into two large demographics: those that knew the world had changed and those that didn't.

Amongst those that didn't were the fundamentalists from many points of view: Christians, Muslims, Jews, Atheists and whole host of others. They turned up to work on the 3 April and were none the wiser for any change. As it became apparent that a profound global shift had taken place, many of those innuered to the initial transformation were convereted to the broader Aquarian view, but quite a substantial minority stayed in their pre-April rut.

The Fundi's fought an admirable rear guard action against the forces of change. The Christians maintained their hold on the reigns of power in the US for another couple of Presidential terms, due largely to their desperation and combined voting power. This dominance of domestic power saw US involvement in the conflict in the middle-east continue unabated, in part fuelled by a similar desperation amongst fundamental Islamic forces in the middle-east who were equally keen to hold back the tide of change amongst their sectarian populations.

Britain, however, was one of the first countries to move to embrace the new togetherness Aquarius offered. Much to the US Fundi chagrin, the Church of England fractured in July 07, inspired in part by the comment by Ishtar, Herald of Aquarius, that Aquarius revels equally in rituals from a gay household as from a hetero one. Other changes precipated a-pace within Britain which exposed the difference between the US Fundi attitude and Britain's Aquarian mindset. Britain withdrew from the Coalition of the Willing in Nov 07.

Which is when the Russians joined.

Slowly but surely the Fundi attitude proved itself to be an anachronism: it is a little hard to argue with the emperical fact that one's neighbour has their dead Aunt Doris doing all the cooking in their house. But it was a passionately held anachronism, one that generated pity amongst participants in the new Age: a bit like the attitude one might have for a friend or family member who has lost a loved one and can't get on with their life, or perhaps like a determined geo-centrist denying the reality of the planet's progress around the sun.

This pity, along with the changing of the Age was enough to drive the Fundi's into a defensive frenzy of fanatical self-sufficient community formation.

Now, there are Fundis and the there are Fundis. Some are happy to opt out of the new Age - continuing to buy their power from Fundi controlled energy companies, running their own micro-economy and sending their kids to fundamentalist schools. Others are more extreme; carrying bombs in backpacks into Aquarian Ritual centres, committing infanticide against new-borns in their community with obvious "powers" and other such acts. Fundi's are also very prone to attacks from diabolicals as, eshewing the vaguely protective benefits of Aquarian rituals, their communities are like magnets to some of the nefarious entities seeking to cause humanity misery. The Fundi's susceptibility to these predations only increases their hatred of all the new Age is supposed to represent.

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