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Gillette Mach3 Coupons

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About the Gillette Mach 3

The patented design of the Gillette Mach3 razor has been a popular seller since its inception in 1998. Millions of dollars spent for research and development costs produced a progressive three-bladed razor design that was unique to the industry.

The concept for the new disposable blade razor was to develop a method that put less pressure on the skin, reduced the number of strokes and eliminated irritation and the chance for nicks and cuts.

Improved comfort during shaving is the main objective of the product and the primary focus of promotional marketing campaigns. This product is one of several shaving systems offered by Gillette who also manufacture women’s razors, oral care products and other popular toiletries such as deodorants and shaving cream.

About the Gillette Brand of Products

The Gillette Company is based in Boston, Massachusetts where it started operations in 1901 beginning with the innovative ideas of a local entrepreneur. Mr. King C. Gillette founded the company and began to produce safety razors with disposable blades, a concept that had never been developed.

The idea was successful and massive production and salesmanship caused the Gillette brand of products to boom. Eventually the company diversified and produced other toiletries, paper products and oral care products.

Purchased in 2005 by the Proctor and Gamble Corporation, the Gillette brand of shaving products continues to be sold and manufactured at their original headquarters as well as in various other worldwide locations.

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The success of the Gillette brand has made an impact on the East Coast regional business operations and carries both national and international name recognition. A major sports arena, known as the Gillette Stadium, adds to the marketing potential and is the home base stadium for the New England Patriots football team and other sports teams.

Available Mach3 Models for Men

The Mach3 razor systems are designed to remove facial hair by applying a crisp and clean blade. The products reduce friction and are lightweight and easy to handle. Several variations of the Mach3 can be found in most pharmacies, supermarkets and discount markets such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Target.

Mach3 Regular: The original Mach3 model is still readily available and many buyers prefer to stay with their favorite brand. The progressive blade technique is featured in all of the products and is popular because the three blades eliminate strokes and produce a clean and quick shave.

Mach3 Turbo: This design includes a lubricating strip on the head of the razor that gradually loses color after the effectiveness wears off. When the strip is white, the blade needs to be replaced. The Mach3 Turbo model reduces friction and produces an extremely clean shave.

Mach3 Power: This version contains a battery operated handle that sends small pulses to the blades while shaving and boosts the ability to get a clean shave without pressing on the skin. This razor requires the PowerGlide blades that feature a patented design that glides over the skin during the automated shaving process.

Mach3 Disposable: The convenience of a disposable razor and the Mach3 technology combine in this product that is popular for traveling and use when away from home. Gillette’s patented Diamond Like Coating (DLC) is included in the product and reduces the negative effects found from other disposables that often scratch the skin and are prone to cuts and scrapes.

Consumers typically like the handle design on the Mach3 products and find that the razor is easy to manipulate and has a sturdy grip. The manufacturer of Mach3 products was clever to ensure that the disposable razor cartridges are interchangeable between the standard Mach3 model and the Turbo product.

Consumers interested in upgrading to a newer model will find this strategy helpful and can continue to use any previously purchased blades with the upgraded models.

Related Mach3 Products for Women

The Venus line of razor products are based on the principles of the men’s Mach3 versions. In some cases, discount coupons for either the men’s or women’s products are interchangeable. The Mach3 product is also advertised in certain women’s magazines to remove excessive or dark facial hair.

Online Coupons for Mach3 Components

By accessing the Gillette website at Gillette.com, consumers may receive current coupons and a newsletter that introduces new products and promotions. Registration is required and includes entry of some personal data such as name and address.

Another excellent source for Gillette Mach3 razor coupons can be found at razorcouponsdelivered.com. A free membership at the site allows the user to receive coupons via email that are printable from any computer. Buyers may request notification of updates for new coupon savings.

At the website thepersonalcareshop.info, consumers will be directed to current listings that feature Gillette products at discounted prices. This site is a quick source for locating information and general prices about products and will redirect the buyer to a source for purchasing the products.

Other Sources for Mach3 Coupons

Weekly newspaper flyers, particularly in the Sunday edition of the paper, carry coupons for Gillette products including the Mach3 razors and disposable blades. These coupons may be redeemed at any store that features the products but may include an expiration date.

Buyers will find available coupons available from local markets or advertised through a national campaign that is redeemable at any store that carries the product.

Another source for Mach3 razors and disposable cartridges can be found by reviewing weekly mailers delivered to each household. Ads for local drug stores or supermarkets often include weekly specials and discounts such as “buy one get one free”.

Other discounts feature a specific savings such as $1.00 off a package of blades or $2.00 off a razor handle. These promotions are typically only redeemable within a specific week.

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