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Great Adventure Coupons

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Great Adventure Fun

Great Adventure, a popular theme park located in Jackson Township, NJ is operated by Six Flags Entertainment Corporation. The park is also comprised by Hurricane Harbor water park and Six Flags Wild Safari animal park. Originally, the park was opened in 1974 under the ownership of Warner LeRoy, who envisioned the complex including seven different parks under the name Great Adventure.

The park has been in continuous operation since 1974, although Six Flags took it over three years later. Today the park is comprised of eleven different themed areas. Four of those areas are designed specifically for younger children.

Golden Kingdom was opened in 2005 and features Kingda Ka, a popular roller coaster. This themed area is comprised of stone temples, bamboo plants and more. Plaza del Carnaval was originally part of the area known as Frontier Adventures. Today visitors will notice strong Spanish influences such as tiled roofs in this themed section. The area is also home to the roller coaster El Toro.

Frontier Adventures is also known as Rootin’ Tootin’ Rip Roarin and Best of the West. This is the western themed section of the park and features such attractions as the Conestoga Wagon, the Fort and numerous themed rides. The Lakefront is situated at the back of the park on a lake and includes structures and rides with a pirate theme.

Movietown is found in the section of the park that was once known as Action Town and Fun Fair. Designed to look like a back lot in Hollywood, this part of Great Adventure includes Hollywood style buildings and rides, stalls, attractions and shops with movie themes. The Safari Kids section is new to the park in 2011.

History of Great Adventure

At the time the park originally opened in 1974, only two of the proposed seven parks were in operation; Safari and Enchanted Forest parks. The Enchanted Forest park was designed to resemble what it would look like through a child’s eyes. Everything in the park was designed to look bigger than life, including a massive balloon.

The same year that Six Flags took over the park, construction was started on a steel roller coaster known as Lightin’ Loops. The coaster would later be removed from the park in 1992. Six Flags later added numerous rides that were also located in larger theme parks, including Rolling Thunder, Roaring Rapids, The Bucaneer and Freefall.

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The Ultra Twister, another looping coaster, was added to the park in 1986. An announcement was made in 1988 that Great Adventure would be receiving a new coaster, the Great American Scream Machine. The coaster featured multiple loops and for a month was actually the tallest coaster in the world. Six Flags continued to renovate rides in the park and introduced the Shockwave two years later; a stand-up looping coaster. In 1991 a large series of dry waterslides were added to the park.

New changes came to the park in 1992 when it was purchased by Time Warner. The area of the park previously known as Fun Fair became known as Action Town and later Movietown. The Viper, a huge steel spiral coaster with loops opened in 1995, while the following year an indoor roller coaster known as Skull Mountain opened.

Construction on Hurricane Harbor began on a separate parking lot began in 2000. That park was built to include a water play area for younger children, a wavepool and twelve waterslides.

New Rollercoasters

Over the next several years several new coasters were added to the park, including the Nitro and Superman: Ultimate Flight. Kingda Ka, the tallest roller coaster in the world, was added to the park in 2005. Over the course of the next year a new children’s play area was introduced, Balin’s Jungleland, as well as the El Toro coaster.

In addition, a new themed kiddie area was added to replace the former Bugs Bunny Land. Motion simulator rides were also added over the next few years. In 2010, the Great American Scream Machine was closed and removed and replaced with the Green Lantern, a stand-up coaster.

Park Atmosphere

Entry to Great Adventure is comprised of Main Street, originally known as Liberty Court. Main Street is designed to look like a town in early America during the 18th century. Freedom Fountain is a popular meet-up destination in the park. The midway part of the park is made up of Fantasy Forest, which was originally the entrance to the park.

In Fantasy Forest, visitors will see a huge ice cream sundae, the Great Character Café. Other popular attractions include the Enchanted Teacups and the Carousel.

Along with the many attractions and rides in Great Adventure, the park is also host to a Halloween celebration during the month of October, Fright Fest. During this time the park is completely redecorated with smoke machines, spider webs and other types of Halloween decorations. Workers in the park don Halloween costumes.

Dead Man’s Party, which is a live dance show, is one of the more popular attractions held during the festival. This is an extremely popular event, with crowds becoming heavier as Halloween draws closer.

Coupons for Great Adventure at Six Flags

The official website for Six Flags Great Adventure is Sixflags.com. On the website visitors can take advantage of Great Adventure discounts and coupons, including ticket combos and season passes. Flash Pass holders are able to save 15% at all retail shops in the park. Season passes to the park also include free tickets for friends on specific days.

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