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Great America Coupons

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The Great America Park

Great America is an amusement park located in Santa Clara, CA. The park is actually one of four different amusement parks that are in operation in the surrounding San Francisco Bay area. The Great America park is the only one in the northern part of the state to feature a water park.

Although the park is operated today by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, it was originally constructed by Marriott Corp. in 1976 and was known as Marriott’s Great America. The park was sold by Marriott in 1983. In the early 1990s the park was acquired by another company and became associated with Paramount Pictures.

During this time, new attractions came to the park, including Nickelodeon Splat City and Action FX Theatre. Cedar Fair Entertainment Company acquired the park in 2006. The following year the park was renamed as California’s Great America. Over the next year a new top spin ride known as FireFall was introduced to the park. An annual Halloween event was also added.

The Park Today

Today the park is known for several attractions and rides. The Demon is the oldest coaster in the park, appearing when Great America first opened in 1976. It was originally called Turn of the Century. Flight Deck is the longest inverted roller coaster in the state of California. It was once known as Top Gun.

Vortex is a stand-up coaster and is actually the only coaster of its type in California. Drop Tower: Scream Zone, which is a second generation freefall ride, replaced the original first generation freefall ride in Great America. The ride stands 224 feet in height and drops riders at 62 miles per hour.

Great America Coupons

Carousel Columbia is a double-decker carousel, one of the tallest in the world. Tiki Twirl was once called Survivor: The Ride. Action Theater is a motion simulator ride with SpongeBob Square Pants presented in 3D. The Grizzly wooden roller coaster opened in the park in 1986. The ride travels at a speed of 55 miles per hour.

As such it is one of the fastest rides in Great America. Great America is also home to several specialty kiddie rides, including Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine, Bedrock Boulder Roller, Flintstones Rocky Road Rescue Service and Yogi’s Yahoo River. In 2010, the park announced that the Hurricane Harbor water park would be expanded.

Special Events

Great America is also home to annual Halloween events and celebrations, including the Halloween Haunt and Snoopy’s Costume Party. Both events are held during the month of October. The cost for Snoopy’s Costume Party is included in the general admission ticket price to Great America. Admission to Halloween Haunt requires separate admission and is a nighttime event. Advance tickets can be purchased online through the park’s official website.

The Halloween Haunt features haunted mazes, including Club Blood and Werewolf Canyon. There are also scare zones including Underworld Alley and Dead Man’s Cove. In addition, special Halloween themed shows are on display, including Haunted Hypnotics and Shocking Sideshow of Freaks.

Popular Rides

One of the park’s most popular rides, the Logger’s Run, is refitted with all kinds of spooky decorations and is known as Black Widow’s Cavern during the annual event. Throughout the day, the regular Planet Snoopy attraction becomes known as Planet Spooky during the month of October. Children ages twelve and under are invited to come dressed in costume and trick-or-treat. All the Peanuts gang will be on hand to add to the family friendly fun.

Great America Coupons

General admission to Great America includes access to the water park attractions as well as the dry rides. Reduced ticket prices are also available for children 48 inches and under as well as seniors who are ages 62 and up. In addition, visitors can also obtain reduced ticket prices by purchasing their tickets in advance and on the park’s official website, Sixflags.Com. Season passes can also be purchased on the website.

The site also features a special offers section, where visitors can take advantage of such Great America coupons and offers as combo tickets and flash passes that allow guests to save time from waiting in lines for rides. Season tickets make it possible to save 15% off the cost of retail items in the park.

Coupon Book

Great America also offer a season value book that offers several coupons and offers, including Bring a Friend discount day where season pass holders are allowed to bring a friend for half the regular admission price on specific day. The coupon book does also include free friend tickets for specific dates; May 31st through June 3rd, June 6th-10th and June 13th through 17th.

Additional information about the season pass value book can be obtained at Sixflags.Com.

Along with the savings made possible through the official Great America Website, it is also possible to save money on the cost of tickets to the park in other locations. www.sfbayfun.com offers Great America coupons that allow you to save $15 off the general admission ticket price to the park. The discount is valid on adult coupons and can be used for up to six guests.

The coupon may be used during the 2011 season, but may not be used on special events at the park, such as the Halloween Haunt.

When the Park Opens

Great America opens for the regular season at the end of March and operates on a weekend and holiday/vacation schedule during the months of April and May. The park is open on a daily basis during the months of June and July. Beginning in August, the park returns to a weekend schedule and then closes for the regular season following the conclusion of the annual Halloween Haunt.

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