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Great Dates

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This page was created as an index of great places to go on a date. Mainly, this page is serving as an index for Sam Odio. He currently lives in Charlottesville, VA and so most of these places will be within a few hours of Central VA.

The view from the top of the humpback rock trail.


VA is my homestate - so I'm most familiar with it, and most of the places I upload will be here or in Wash, DC --Sam Odio 19:02, 18 July 2006 (EDT)

Hiking on Humpback Rock

  • Description: Humpback rock is a great hike in the Shenandoah. It's a pretty easy hike, about 1 mile, with one of the best views in Virginia at the top. Great place for a romantic picnic. Check out pictures of the hike on flickr.
  • Price: Free
  • Location: On the Blue Ridge Parkway, about 5 miles north of the intersection w/ 64. Follow the signs.
  • More info: http://www.charlottesvilletourism.org/php-bin/resource.php?id=332

Unguided Horseback Trail Rides

  • Description: Greenway stables is one of the last places in Northern VA that offers unguided trail rides. Explore anywhere on their 50+ acre farm. Call ahead first, be prepared to give them information about both of your experience levels, and desired saddle (probably western, if you're a beginner).
  • Price: ~30/hr per horse
  • Location: 24397 Racefield Rd, Aldie, VA 20105-2459.
  • Phone: 703-327-6117

James River Tubing

  • Description: Tubing on the james river is a great relaxing activity. If you can, invite your friends (party's of 6+ are a blast). You basically spend 4 hours on an inner tube, just chilling as you travel down the James River. Although they don't allow it, if you want to try sneaking alcohol onto the tubes - I would recommend it ;)
  • Price: ~$17 / person
  • Location: 20 minutes from Charlottesville on the James River in Scottsville, VA. Directions and James River Runner directions
  • Phone: Reeling and Rafting: 434-286-4FUN and James River Runners: (434) 286-2338
  • More info: http://www.reelingandrafting.com/tubing.htm or http://www.jamesriver.com/

South Fork Rivanna River Reservoir

  • Description: The only place you can go Kayaking / Canoeing in Charlottesville. It's a pretty big lake, very scenic.
  • Price: Free, bring your own kayak / boat
  • Location: Too hard to explain, near the Ivy Creek Natural Area. I'll give better directions later.

Ivy Creek Natural Area

  • Description: Some of the best walking trails in Charlottesville. The area borders the only large lake in town. Great for a Picnic. Trailmap here. It's about a 15 min drive from downtown Charlottesville. Unfortunately, no pets, bikes or jogging allowed.
  • Price: Free
  • Location: Get directions here.
  • More info: http://ivycreekfoundation.org/ICNA.html

Kings Dominion

  • Description: Not exactly "off the beaten path," but fun nonetheless. Has more rollercoasters and a larger water park than Busch Gardens.
  • Price: ~$30 per person
  • Location: It's near Richmond, VA - 16000 Theme Park Way, Doswell, VA 23047. Directions here.
  • More info: http://www2.paramountparks.com/kingsdominion/
Rafting in richmond.gif

White Water Rafting on the James River

  • Description: Ok, this is definitely a group thing - don't try this . But it would be great for ~3 couples that are good friends and love taking risks. You start out on the lower james river (class 1-4 rapids) and end up in downtown Richmond. A great finish: grab dinner at a nice outdoor restaurant.
  • Price: ~$50 per person
  • 'Location: In richmond, specific location depends on your trip. Contact them for details. http://www.richmondraft.com/
  • More info: http://www.richmondraft.com/raft.htm - Scroll down to "Lower James River" if you want the trip that finishes in the heart of Richmond.

Wine Tasting at Prince Michel

  • Description: Wine tasting is always fun, and its free (though you usually end up buying wine). This particular place is supposed to have free wifi.
  • Price: Free, plus cost of any wine you buy
  • Location: On Rt. 29, about 50 mins north of Charlottesville. Directions here.
  • More info: http://www.princemichel.com/

Other Wine Events in Virginia

Gravelly Point

Washington, DC

Jack's Boat House.

Kayaking on the Potomac

Jacks on the Potomac-Georgetown.jpg
  • Description: Jack's boat house is probably one of the "best kept secrets" of Washington, DC. The place is a little shack on the bank of the Potomac river, right under the Whitehurst Freeway in Georgetown. They've been renting out Kayaks since 1945. If you (or your date) likes the outdoors, DEFINITELY take them here. And if you're not the outdoorsy type, their website claims that they have free wifi.
  • Price: For a two person Kayak; $15 for 1 hr, $25 for 2, $35 for for all day.
  • Location: 3500 K St. NW, Washington, DC (Directly beneath the Key Bridge).
  • Phone: 202-337-9642
  • More info: http://www.jacksboathouse.com/

Touring Wash, DC on a Segway

  • Description: If you're going to take one of those typical city tours, at least do it on a Segway. What is a Segway tour? click here.
  • Price: $70 for a 4 hour tour. They offer one in the morning and one at night
  • Location: All tours meet in the upper courtyard of Willard Hotel at 1455 Pennsylvania Avenue.
  • Phone: 202-349-4060
  • More info: http://www.citysegwaytours.com/washington/segway-tour/index.shtml

Inline road skating

  • Description: Kind of dorky, but hey it might be fun. Free lessons every Saturday at Noon. If you already know how to skate, take the friday night beginner skate around the DC monuments @ 7 PM.
  • Price: Free
  • Location: Rock Creek Park, Beach Drive, parking lot 6. Details directions for the lessons at the bottom of this page. The Friday night beginner skate meets in front of the white house.
  • Phone: 202-249-2228 or email them at SkateWithUs@gmail.com.
  • More info: http://www.skatedc.org/index.html



Random camping spot

The Carnelian Room (San Francisco)

BBQ on the Beach (San Francisco)

  • Description:
  • Price:
  • Location:
  • Phone:
  • More info:

Fisherman's Wharf (San Francisco)

  • Description:
  • Price:
  • Location:
  • Phone:
  • More info:

Learn to sail @ Shoreline (Mountain View)

  • Description:
  • Price:
  • Location:
  • Phone:
  • More info:

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