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Group 5

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McIntire School of Commerce
Promotions Group 5

Promotions Group 5 Collarborative "Wiki" Page


Why use this?

I'm sure you've all heard of wikipedia. Well this page is pretty similar. It basically serves as a way for our group to share information. Everyone can edit and add to the page (all you need to do is click the edit button). And then just follow the formatting.

If we don't end up using this site thats no problem. But, I figured it'd be worth a shot.

Contact Information

  • Michael Staples:
    • Email: mss6d@virginia.edu
    • IM: innyaface
    • Cell Phone: (804) 304-7575
  • Krystal Kovalick:
    • Email:
    • IM:
    • Cell Phone:
  • Cassie Meiresonne:
    • Email:
    • IM:
    • Cell Phone:
  • Sarah Ungar:
    • Email:
    • IM:
    • Cell Phone:
  • Kelley Mulfinger:
    • Email:
    • IM:
    • Cell Phone:

Tentative Group Name

  • Casara Mikelavick (I think this was it?)
  • Other Ideas?

More ...

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