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Doesn't BluWiki already perform backups?

Yes. Mother is backed up every night at 3AM to our backup server. A redundant copy of the entire BluWiki site is also made weekly to a third machine. We also upgraded Mother to RAID 0, to reduce the chance that a drive failure will take the site offline.

However, should BluWiki go offline and never come back, you'd be much better off with your own personal backups. There are a number of situations where this might happen:

  • I might die... leaving nobody to run the site.
  • My office might burn down, destroying all machines in it and leaving me economically and emotionally devastated. Maybe I'd get BluWiki back online, but chances are I'd be too busy crying.
  • There might be a freak earthquake in Virginia, leveling my office and destroying everything inside. See above.
  • I might suddenly have an epiphany and realize that I want to see the sun, enjoy life, and forget about linux.
  • I might fall in love with something besides a computer screen.
  • Etc...

As you can see, the chances of BluWiki going offline are slim. I probably won't die, nor fall in love. But do you really want to trust your precious data to someone else? Someone that you don't even know? I mean, how do you even know if he'll be responsible with it? Geez... --Sam Odio 16:03, 8 March 2007 (EST)

How do I backup BluWiki

Ok there are a couple ways you can do this:

  1. Print out each BluWiki page, so that you can type everything in later. Actually, this isn't that good of an idea. I don't even know why I listed it first.
  2. Save each page. Using IE, just click on File > Save As. The advantage here is that all your images are saved as well. The disadvantage is that the page is saved in HTML, so it'd be a huge pain to restore it on any MediaWiki server
  3. Best solution: Save each page's wiki markup by clicking the edit icon in the top right, and copying the text into a word document or text file. Then download each image you use on the site, and save them in the same location.

Good luck!

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