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Help:Common mistakes

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Here are some common mistakes that can be avoided.

Repeating pages

As BluWiki grows, more and more topics will be covered by various authors. As such, there is a chance that the wiki entry you want to create already exists elsewhere on the site. Before creating a new page, it is recommended you run a quick search to check if it already exists. Also, it is worth trying a quick search on Google using the syntax:

Your_keywords site:www.bluwiki.com


Sam Odio site:www.bluwiki.com

This may pick up articles that the Bluwiki search misses.


Before editing any pages, have a look at the formatting used on the rest of the page. Take note of how it is formatted, and try to keep with the style that already has. Jamming 20 point red font into the middle of the page is NOT a good idea, even if it is to get a really really important point across. Just because the ability to format font is there, think about whether the page really needs it before you use formatting such as bold or italic tags.

Deleting content

If you find a section in a page that seems badly written, try to avoid just deleting it outright. If possible, rewrite it and attempt to clarify the point the origonal authour was getting across. If you feel as though the section is not worth rewriting, or the points are so poorly made there is no reason to keep it, bring it up on the articles ‘Discussion page’, which can be found through a link at the top of each page in BluWiki. The author will probably be offended if the section they wrote is deleted without reason, the main problem with this being that they get little feedback as to why it was deleted. By bringing it up on the dicsussion pages, or even the users own talk page, it can be explained why it is felt that the section they wrote was considerd for removal.

In the case that the content contains racial slurs or personal attacks, feel free to remove the content as soon as possible, as content of that nature is not condoned by BluWiki in any way. It is recommended that entries such as these are reported to the site administrators.


This article is based on Avoiding common mistakes at Wikipedia

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