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Hex01 Quality Assurance

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Hex01 Quality Assurance

  1. What is Quality Assurance?
  2. Audio Procedure
  3. Video Procedure

What is Quality Assurance?

A planned and systematic pattern of all actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that the item or product conforms to established technical requirements.

Audio Procedure

  • Prepare the script
  1. Identify the purpose of the interview
  2. Contact client
  3. Set a duration and venue
  4. Conduct (up to date) research
  5. Identify topics of interest
  6. Write introduction
  7. Write questions for each topic
  8. Write summary
  9. Meet with client
  10. Record interview
  11. Catalog and store interview
  12. Save to computer
  • Upload audio file
  1. Find audio files
  2. Process audio files
  3. Compress or add commentary in MovieMaker
  4. Save originals
  5. Upload the audio file(s)
  6. Navigate to upload interface
  7. Upload the file(s) to the proper location
  8. Make media accessible
  9. Link to the audio file from the appropriate page
  10. Embed video content

Video Procedure

  1. Define topic and scope
  2. Organise subject matter experts (SMEs) and venue + time
  3. Prepare the script for interview
  4. Prepare the venue
  5. Rehearse interview; amend script if necessary
  6. Interview: Intro, Questions, Close
  7. Edit; store; catalogue interview
  8. Publish

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