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ISO 9000 Procedures

The following are our ISO9000 procedures:

1. Control Of Documents Procedure

  • Paper based documents can only be authorised by Project Manager Only.
  • Paper based documents are scanned into digital form. Both the paper and digital documents are then stored in a safe location.
  • Productions always follow a set of documented guidelines.

2. Internal Audit Procedures

  • Upper and Internal audits are carried out every 5 months
  • Past performance is a benchmark for future improvement

3. Control of Non-Conforming Product Procedure

  • Information given to us through feedback, complaints and surveys are then stored into a database which can then be accessed by our staff for future refrences.
  • All information gathered, good or bad is then used to further the companys progress

4. Corrective Action Procedure

  • Hardware failer is simply replaced or upgraded
  • If unsatisfactory work is produced by a certain division, that division is held responsible and are obligated to correct the issue

5. Continuous Improvement

  • Database and documentaions are hand checked anually to ensure data aquracy

6. Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer feedback is cursual
  • Using the results of the customer's feedback we can then find other ways of improving our company

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