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ISO 9000 Compliance

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This standard specifies six procedures that must be included in a quality management systems manual. With Elite Website Creations they are:

1. Control of Documents Procedure Documents such as reference training and instruction manuals are kept in a digital format on the business computer. Secondary copies are stored within the office lockable safe and tertiary copies are archived offsite at a fire-protected facility. Other documents, styleguides, graphics and publications are backed up on CDRom and kept within the safe and are also stored offsite at the same facility. Each staff member also keeps a weekly backed up copy of workstation data on CD, should the event of a virus attack the network computers.

2. Internal Audit Procedure The quality management is achieved by checking that the quality Management system is maintained on an up to date basis. This is done by talking to the responsible personnel at regular intervals at meetings, held monthly and examining the reporting data to ensure that this procedure is adhered to, consistent with the company policy.

3. Control of Non-conforming Product Procedure Identify product and service problems (nonconforming) and keeping a detailed record of the occurence and subsequent action taken. All parties affected must be kept informed until the resolution is reached. Regular Usability Testing is a useful method to check that functionality and relevance of a site is implemented and client questionnaires can bring useful feedback as needed.

4. Corrective Action Procedure Feedback from the client is a positive method which the company uses.Review of nonconformities(including customer complaints) are noted to avoid recurrence. Action implemented is recorded and reviewed.It is used to update a register of problems which the company wishes to avoid in their design of sites and maintaining a "quality" standing in the market.

5. Continuous Improvement Through continuous improvement the company makes adjustments to its procedures to maintain a high level of quality by reducing recurring problems. A regular mionthly review or results is actioned based on the output from processes from particular areas. Feedback from customers and staff is highly valued.

6. Customer Satisfaction Feedback from clients and potential customers is executed by the regular use of online forms in survey format. They are a set of detailed questions and are sent out every 6 months. The requested response time is 2 weeks to allow the feedback to be gathered and processed for reporting in the next quarterly report and for particular points to be actioned which are critical for the benefit of the business.

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