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  • Name: Jador Raine
  • Nicknames: Officer Raine
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 32
  • Race: Kitsune
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 157lbs
  • Hair color: Blue
  • Eye color: Lavender
  • Skin color: Blue furred
  • Home World: Graph City, Valgris.
  • Player: Sakaki


Office Jador Raine was born and raised in Graph City. He has serviced on their police force for four years, and has seen plenty of action in his time. A regular against the zombie raids, he stays relatively calm under pressure and tries to keep his head clear when needed. He is also a motorcycle enthusiast and has high interest in martial arts.


At an average kitsune height, he is far from imposing or threatening. Usually in a navy blue army uniform, he can casually be found in jeans with a leather jacket. Even while dressed casually, he usually has his gun and badge on hand if worse comes to worst.

Combat Style

Highly trained in evasive gunfighting, he is not afraid to show off his amateur Judo background as necessary.


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Jador Raine is � 2007 Scott M. aka "Sakaki", for use in Emerald Chat RPG. All potentially referenced works are � their respective owners and used without permission.

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